Don’t make these mistakes while working remotely during lockdown

Five most common mistakes to avoid to have a productive work day at home.


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3 years ago | 3 min read

1. Taking Full Advantage of the Golden Opportunity

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Remote work is amazing! You have to spend no time commuting some of us have to travel 2 hours a day! You have full control of your day hence remember to take full advantage of that.

We have these new resolutions that come up like building that side project, or finishing up an online course to upskill yourself. But with that extra time we tend to get too comfortable and somehow that extra time gets waste by binge watching an extra season on Netflix.

We tend to spend that extra free time on destructive things. Try not to do that.

2. Maintaining that work life balance

Always try to schedule your work so that you can at least give three hours to your team and maybe more if your team requires so. Also be sure to schedule it around your family time as well.

For example, if you have kids, you can schedule some work blocks/meetings early in the morning while your kids are asleep.

Be sure you don’t completely align your schedule around your work but also align a bit with family as well.

Don’t procrastinate during working days so that you don’t have to sacrifice your weekends which you could have given to your family/friends or for your own self development.

Make a schedule that takes care of your work life and personal life.

3. Communication

Sometime we developers do like to get zoned in where we put in continuous hours to get something done. You and your teammate might be very focused into the work and forgets to checkup/communicate with the team, as long as you all are aligned, great!

But if there is even a little misalignment, productivity will be lost for your and your team.

Never assume that your teammates understood what you meant, assumptions can cause a lot of problems.

Over communicating is always better than Under communicating.

4. Don’t lose the momentum

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Yeah that schedule is there. You are killing it for 4 hours in the morning before lunch. Yeah you deserve a good break.

So, for lunch you take a break with maybe one episode of Narcos but then four hours later you are still there can’t resist the temptation to know what happens next. You killed your schedule!

If you have got the momentum going, try your best not to lose it and incase you do, be mindful about it and get back to your schedule.

Else, you again will have to make it up for it on your weekends taking time away from your family, friends and yourself.

Try not to kill your own momentum after a productive work session.

5. Getting too lazy

Don’t start your workday right after getting up from the bed. Get out of your pyjamas, Get a good shower, Dress up nicely like you were physically going to work.

Get a dedicated place to work and keep your bed just for sleeping. Setup these physical boundaries to work and rest.

This tell your body and your subconscious brain to kick in for some important work and don’t be too lazy. You do want them to support you if you really want to have a productive day.

Want some advise which you are not gonna like? Workout 45 minutes a day at least in the morning or evening to keep yourself active. You don’t want your physical health to take that toll of you just sitting there at one place.

Maybe take up 100 push ups or 100 sit ups challenge. If you really don’t want to work out.

Don’t let your health take a toll of you just sitting indoors while trying to protect yourself from what's outdoors.

Go Hustle!

Stay safe, stay healthy

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