The “Don’ts” of Academic Paper Writing

Academic paper writing can be defined as the form of academic writing


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Everyone knows to write but not every written document is worthy of reading. It is because writing is an art and one has to keep polishing that art to improve the quality of his artwork. The two general ways of writing an academic paper are to keep practicing and keep acknowledging yourself with writing. There are different formats and structures for writing different projects. The rules need to be strictly followed when it comes to writing an academic paper.

It is because of all these terms and conditions of academic paper writing that intimidate the students and they prefer to take professional help. This professional help can be in the form of Dissertation Help UK-based services or assignment writing help. It is completely fine to take academic writing assistance to ease your load but at the same time, students must also be aware of the writing process. This post highlights all about academic paper writing and especially mentions points that must not be included in academic projects.

Academic paper writing:

Academic paper writing can be defined as the form of academic writing that has a certain format and structure to follow plus an objective to meet. References need to be added and a specific tone must be followed. Students feel overwhelmed when they have to do an extensive academic paper of 100 to 600 pages like dissertations, theses, etc. In such cases; they either take help from online platforms in the form of Do My Dissertation For Me UK-based services or take tips from online sites.

Purpose of academic paper writing:

The purpose of all academic writing projects is to evaluate the academic performance of a student in particular coursework (, 2022). There are many reasons for assigning academic projects to students. Some of those reasons are as follows;

It explains the particular topic with logic and research.

It helps in a better understanding of the topic.

It improves writing skills.

It develops critical thinking ability in students.

It imparts time management to students.

Types of academic paper writing:

Academic projects can be divided into multiple types depending on their length, structure, purpose of writing, and so on. The following are some of the main types of academic paper writing;




Research paper.



Literature review.

The report, etc.

How to write an academic paper?

Whenever students want to take tips on writing they search for what to write and how it starts. They look or all the dos of writing like;

Follow the structure.

Be formal and unbiased.

Stay precise and theme-oriented.

Add authentic sources.

Stay correct and concise.

However; students forget that it is also very important to know about the don’ts of academic paper writing. It is because; these don’ts are going to prevent you from making mistakes in your academic project.

The don’ts of academic paper writing:

The following are a few don’ts of academic paper writing that must not be included in the academic projects otherwise they are either gonna cost your percentage or are going to leave a bad impression of the project;

Don’t make it personal/biased:

Different readers are going to read your project and all of them will have a different thought processes. This is why you cannot be biased in your academic writing projects. Give your opinion of the topic with facts and let the reader decide the rest according to his perspective.

Don’t use ancient English:

Words like “Thus” and “Alas” do not exist anymore in the English language so avoid using such words. However; if it is an academic project for the literature discipline then there can be an exception. In addition to that; avoid slang like “super weird” (Samuels, 2019).

Don’t use first person pronoun:

Remember that your writing project is not only yours rather it has references taken from different sources. So; you can never you pronouns like “I, me, my, our, etc”. This makes the academic project sound like a writing journal.

Don’t use flowery language:

The purpose of academic projects is to meet the objective of the topic or to answer the query. There is no need for the addition of any kind of flowery language, idioms, or metaphors because they are not going to leave a good impression on the instructor.

Don’t make complex sentences:

The simpler your sentences will be, the easier the reader will be able to understand your perspective. It will be easier to understand the problem and the solution to the problem with the formation of simple sentences.

Don’t make it general:

Never use a general tone in an academic project. This is an argument and you need to have a stance. So; keep it specific and clear.

Don’t use an informal tone:

The biggest reason for mark deduction is the use of an informal tone. The seriousness and authenticity of the academic project are measured by the tone of the language used in the project.

Don’t use inappropriate fonts:

It is important to follow the format of academic writing because the rules cannot be broken. “Times new roman” Theme and font of 12 is the most commonly used font for academic writing projects across the world.

Don’t wander around:

The biggest difference between academic writing and fiction writing is that you cannot beat around the bush when it comes to academic writing. Students are meant to stay direct and concise.

Don’t overstuff or exceed:

Most academic projects are already extensive enough so there is no need to exceed the word limit. There is a reason that the word limit is given and it must be followed.


Academic paper writing is not an easy task because there are a lot of dos and don’ts of writing academic projects. People usually stress over dos but often forget to highlight don’ts. Hopefully; the above-mention post will help the students in improving the quality of their academic projects.


Samuels, D. P. (2019, Dec 4th). Academic Writing. (2022, Nov 11th). Dissertation Vs. Thesis: What’s The Difference?


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