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To play doodle jump, all you have to do is travel from left to right across the screen in order to reach the platforms. To fire, click and hold the left mouse button. Because the game can be played in an endless fashion, it is essential that you remain in the air for the longest amount of time possible to achieve the highest possible score. You may locate the Doodler, or, more accurately, a list of Doodlers that scrolls horizontally, at the very bottom of the screen. The list is numbered from one to eight, which corresponds to the eight stages that may be completed in Doodle Jump 2; each level has its own introduction screen, which features a variety of writhing monsters.

doodle jump Adventures for the Nintendo 3DS contained exclusive content, such as the new Adventure mode, which features 48 levels that are full with humorous obstacles, fascinating power-ups, and dangerous boss confrontations. How does Doodle Jump look at higher levels? As you go through the game's levels, it is inevitable that the game's level of difficulty, which may be approximately analogized to the rate at which the platforms move, will also grow.


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