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The article highlights the success rate of Dr. K Sridhar and his efforts to inculcate confidence in his patients and credit to his vast knowledge that enables him to perform such intense surgeries successfully. It also mentions that the hospital, Global hospital Chennai, is dedicated to providing global-class medical treatment at affordable prices with the multi-notable hospital throughout the country.


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The term “neurosurgery” is brief for a neurological surgical procedure, a field that is involved with the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders. Neurosurgery is a sister discipline to neuro medicine, which entails the diagnosis and treatment of neurological problems and complications, the use of medications, and non-surgical techniques. In most patients, neurologists work alongside neurosurgeons.

Types of Neurosurgical Procedures

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • Microvascular Decompression
  • Peripheral Nerve Surgery
  • The base of Skull Surgery
  • Pituitary Surgery
  • Cervical Spine Surgery
  • Functional Neurosurgery
  • Brain Tumours Excision
  • Coiling of Aneurysms
  • Embolization of cerebral and dural-based AVMs
  • Embolization of Tumours
  • Microsurgical repair of aneurysms
  • AVM resection
Dr. K Sridhar India
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Dr. K. Sridhar offers the most elite care to your spine

Are you affected by backache or neck pain? If so, choosing the proper sine medical professional is vital. Dr. K Sridhar India is dedicated who focuses solely on the surgical treatment of spine problems and is dedicated to providing excellence in the same to patients suffering from common spine troubles which include low back pain, neck pain, and many others. Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai is one of the finest and similarly skillful for simple as well as complex spine surgery. He believes in a multi-disciplinary team method to manage spinal issues and advises surgical treatment only when there's no other conservative choice feasible. This brings him to Dr. K Sridhar India among his patients coming from different Indian cities and also amongst global patients. Dr. K. Sridhar and his staff make certain a complete and customized treatment plan is obtainable to all patients. From the preliminary visit, thru analysis, investigations, and treatment, complete care is customized to best meet the person affected person’s needs. Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai is enthusiastic about assisting patients to find relief from back and neck pain so that they can to normal and active lifestyles.

What is the success rate in India with Dr. K Sridhar?

Neurosurgery doesn’t mean death; one should’ve such thought always. That is the thought that Dr. K. Sridhar tries to inculcate among his patients from their previous successful experiences. Neurosurgery today has evolved into a high-precision and safe area of medicine thanks to technological developments and improved patient care. Modern diagnostics coupled with state-of-the-art operating room suites have opened up new vistas in advanced surgeries for brain and spine diseases. After doing numerous neurosurgeries which have been successful he believes that it is the patient’s confidence in him and credits to his vast knowledge that the best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai is able to perform such intense surgeries successfully. On a positive note, when a patient is recommended to go through neurosurgery, he/she has to allow pass of the misconceptions that have been inculcated in his/her mind from numerous entrusted sources and take the important remedy required. The effort is in your doctor’s hands and the result is in the Almighty’s. Trust both!

Get connected to Dr. K. Sridhar

Spine and Neurosurgery Service India has now set up itself because the most innovative medical issuer in India and has been growing exponentially offering cost-effective, technology-based, secure, and comfy service offerings to patients across the world.  We comply with the best degree of ethics, confidentiality, and worldwide norms in patient care. Records the significance of well-being and accurate health, we decide to offer global-class medical treatment at affordable prices with the multi-notable hospital throughout the country. From the warmth of our greeting at the airport to your registration and discharge, we've created unheard-of services. Our precedence is to cope with you with the utmost respect even as providing top care.

We welcome queries from our Indian as well as foreign clients and look forward to serve them in our best possible way. Email : – , Call: +91-9325887033


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