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Best pediatric oncologist Fortis hospital Delhi works with patients of all ages and is available in your time of need to provide healthcare intervention and support for a broad range of psychosocial issues and concerns that surround a cancer illness in children.


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Cancer can sometimes be difficult to detect in kids and it’s rare. Pediatric oncology is the studies and treatment of cancers in children and teens. The sorts of cancer that increase in children are often unique from cancers that broaden in adults. Childhood cancers may occur because the end results of DNA changes in cells that arise early in life, even before birth. A few adult cancers are related to environmental or lifestyle factors. Cancers that occur in children are very hardly ever associated with any kind of environmental or lifestyle element.

Treating Children with Cancer

Treatment for childhood cancers is primarily based specifically on the sort and stage (extent) of the cancer. Sorts of treatment used for adolescence cancers are

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy

Some type of adolescence cancers is probably might be treated with high dose chemotherapy followed via a stem cell transplant. Newer types of treatment, such as targeted therapy drugs and immunotherapy, have also proven promise in treating some childhood cancers. There are exceptions, however childhood cancers generally respond nicely to chemotherapy due to the fact they have a tendency to be cancers that grow rapidly.

Dr. Vikas Dua India- Translating Discovery in to Cures for Children with Cancer

A prognosis of cancer can be devastating for a kid and their family. But there is cause for hope. Advances by best pediatric oncologist Fortis hospital Delhi have greatly improved outcomes over the years. He gives the right placing, using world-identified cancer understanding and he is the world over renowned pediatric knowledge. His experience presents sufferers with cutting-edge, compassionate care. From diagnostic evaluation and restoration management plans to extensively intellectual and social help, together with a health center for long-time period follow-up of pediatric cancer sufferers, he attacks cancer from every angle. Dr. Vikas Dua India is pediatric hemato oncologist and bone marrow transplant specialist of the generation. His results in the field of pediatric hematology oncology and BMT have been some of the best. He and his team have done 200+ pediatric transplants. Best pediatric oncologist Fortis hospital Delhi is recognized for his outstanding outcome in stem cell transplant specifically in pediatric haploidentical transplant and he has done some of the very rare transplants case which no one else has performed in India.

Dr. Vikas Dua India providing high-quality pediatric oncology care for everyone

Best pediatric oncologist Fortis hospital Delhi provides diagnosis and management of all forms of pediatric cancer and pediatric blood disorders. Patients have access to an extensive range of clinical trials of new therapies and management of long-term treatment effects. Dr. Vikas Dua India ensures more seamless coordination of care through a patient’s diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Best pediatric oncologist Fortis hospital Delhi works with patients of all ages and is available in your time of need to provide healthcare intervention and support for a broad range of psychosocial issues and concerns that surround a cancer illness in children.

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