Discovery Call

with Dr. Aisha Alsheikh

30 min
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Welcome! Thank you for choosing Dr. Aisha Alsheikh embodied coaching & therapy services. This is a complementary 30-min session aims to understand your needs and challenges better and explore how Dr. Aisha might assist in transforming them. Here's what to expect from the call: • A safe space to share and explore your challenges. • Insights on how Dr. Aisha's holistic approach can specifically benefit you. • Clarity on the next steps towards your transformational journey. In order to serve you better and understand your specific needs and preferences, we have designed a Client Assessment Questionnaire prior to the call. Your responses will provide valuable insights that will enable us to tailor our services to your unique requirements before our. Answering all questions will ensure a more accurate and personalized assessment. However, if there are questions you'd rather not answer, feel free to skip them. Before you start, please note: • Confidentiality: You as well as "Dr. Aisha Alsheikh" or "Minds Rewired Ltd." agree to keep the session and any oral or written information in connection with the preparation and performance of this session confidential. The confidentiality shall last till perpetuity and you shall not disclose any relevant information, to any third parties. • Record Taking Consent: You also understand that your sessions might be recorded as notes, an audio or video and that you have given your consent. • Data Information and Privacy: Please note all sessions and information you share as part of the sessions is private and confidential following UK GDPR regulations. • Indemnity: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless "Minds Rewired Ltd." or "Dr. Aisha Alsheikh" and others associates from any and all liability, or claims of liability, resulting from our actions or alleged actions. • Disclaimer: The sessions are not a replacement for medical or mental health diagnosis and treatment. If you feel you need medical or mental health support, then please do seek this out independently. The sessions are focused on emotional therapy, coaching, counselling, healing, and hypnotherapy. You also declare that you are physically and mentally able to participate in the sessions and take full ownership of your own physical and mental health. Once you submit your Questionnaire answers and/or have initiated your first consultation and/or session you agree and consent to the above terms and guidelines.

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