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Advantages of using eBooks in today's digital world


Aaina Chopra -

3 years ago | 5 min read

Ah, those good old days!

If there is anything I miss about my childhood, it is the nights I spent all curled up in the bed with my mom, reading the books. I must admit, I was brought up on quite a hefty dosage of physical books.

Through all these years, this affair with books has only cemented further.

As I continued to evolve, so did my relationships with books-

As time went by, my love for reading gave way to my huge appetite for learning. I began to enjoy seeking knowledge. Adding more expertise to my existing skill-set and acquiring new talents was something I started growing passionate about.

As an ardent believer of this quote by Brian Tracy, “Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future”, I love to invest in myself. And so should everyone.

Here is the thing:

You ought to look at the bigger picture. Your current skill-set might be enough to help you sail through your present work landscape but considering the fast-evolving nature of the world around us, it has become absolutely essential to bridge the performance gaps if any and to equip yourself up with career-oriented know-how and expertise that can come handy in future.

Fast forward to the present day:

With the confinement being thrust upon us in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, there is no denying to the fact that we are all sailing in the boat of fear and anxiety.

But like every dark cloud has a silver lining, this corona situation too has a good side to it. You can very well use this downtime as an opportunity to hone your skills and to heighten your career trajectory.

Come to think of it, this new life of isolation has given you plenty of time on hands to recognize gaps in your existing talents and seal them by learning new abilities.

And for all this to happen, it is E-books that come to our rescue.

With a wide array of user-friendly e-books at our disposal in this day and age, both for amateurs and professionals, learning has never been so effortless.

Let me offer you a sneak peek into “how e-books enhance and simplify our overall learning experience”-

1. Easy peasy” is the word.

If there are any terms that are synonymous with e-books, they are Convenience, handiness, accessibility, and effortlessness. Whether it is the ease of use, ease of access, or ease of reference, e-books just simply mean “no sweat”.

To quote some of the examples of how they facilitate our reading and hence our learning experience-

  • These digital files and chronicles are never out of stock.
  • From highlighting the content to taking the notes and translating the language, e-readers are entirely feature-loaded. Elements like digital bookmarks, an interactive glossary, zoom in and out, high resolution (easy on eyes), Wi-Fi and 3G options, page turn buttons, and whatnot. By virtue of all these attributes, they are indeed a blessing for all book fanatics and learners.
  • As opposed to physical books that need a lot of skills and preparations to be read while eating, e-books are easily consumable even during meals.
  • They are almost weightless to carry around in contrast to physical formats.
  • You come across any word which is beyond your comprehension. Just tap on the word and pop comes its meaning. Isn’t it much simpler than having to carry around a pocket dictionary?
2. Portability as a Unique Selling Point aka USP-

To be able to carry hundreds of books in a palm-sized widget which weighs less than half a pound? Well, who wouldn’t love that idea?

Okay, let’s put it this way:

What would you prefer?

A bunch of voluminous chubby books to carry around in a backpack?


A pile of books in an airy handheld device?

Well, you are smart enough!

3. A boon for all the “night owls” out there-

E-book platforms like Kindle come with the adaptive backlighting that allows a reader to read them even in a pitch dark room. With this backlit option, no external source of light is required during the reading which makes them an excellent companion during situations like power failure or in the bed (without the fear of bothering your kids or partner, lying next to you).

You no longer need to go under the covers with a flashlight!

4. E-books save you a lot of room in comparison to its hardbound counterparts which take up a great deal of space.

Another Jumbo reason to go for e-books is the space factor.

Let’s face it-

Regardless of how big a book and learning geek you consider yourself to be, the challenge of stocking the books always tend to loom large. Unless you are living in a big villa with a separate room reserved exclusively for your books, you are bound to run into “space crunch” issues.

Once again, what saves us here is E-books which practically take up no physical space.

A multitude of books in a 6-inch gizmo, all at your fingertips!

Now isn’t that miraculous?

5. Learning on the go:

Either it is work-related travel across the country or the daily commute (to and from the workplace), it amounts to a huge amount of travel time. Then there are students as well who intend to appear for competitive examinations and are required to shuttle back and forth between the university and their residing places.

I prefer to take this time as a chance to equip myself with skills for all-around personal and professional development.

It’s on you to make the most of this travel time. And E-books as “compact reservoirs of wisdom and knowledge” fit just so perfectly in this situation.

Vibrant Publishers under its umbrella has a wide array of e-books in myriad categories aka Management, IT Job Interview, and Test Preparation that can help you enhance your skills.

6. If you believe in economizing, e-books are your thing.

Much pocket friendlier than their paper cousin, e-books make for an ideal and cost-effective choice for all the readers out there. These e-versions are not heavy on our wallets.

And do you know the best part?

With these digital versions, the likelihood of bumping into heavy discounts is quite high. Even the best sellers, master learning categories, and classics are up for grabs from time to time.

7. Eco-friendly deals:

Let’s talk about the impact of our literary intake on our environment.

EBooks and e-readers are ecologically friendly. Printing papers is not only a costly affair but it also takes a toll on our environment. With plants being sliced, it is our natural habitat that has to pay the price.

Let’s talk Maths:

If we go by the figures, digital readership is on the swift rise. They are the future. And as per the uncontested advantages listed above, E-books are poised for a blooming future.

Are you still in doubt?

Well, remember the wise words by Benjamin Franklin?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

The era we live in where digitization is on the hike, it is only wise that we keep ourselves on top of more and more trends and skills which are relevant to our present job roles and beyond, to future proof our careers.

The initiative is for you to take.

Let’s make this time worth our while and be a better version of ourselves.

On that note,

Happy e-reading!

Happy up-skilling!


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