Is It Too Early for Holiday Decorations?

It's the week of Thanksgiving, but is it too early for holiday decorations? Do you have them up at work or home yet? Find out why it might be very healthy to enjoy the holidays with your family in any way that suits you and your family. Find out when I'm putting my Christmas decorations up and why. Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers, and hope you enjoy the week!


Kathy Husser

a year ago | 1 min read

Do you struggle with managing all the holiday tasks coming up, especially the week of Thanksgiving?  Have you been wanting to put up your holiday decorations before serving the turkey this year? It might be good to listen to your inner voice and break away from the “norm.”


Be Happier This Year

According to research, having fond memories of holidays past makes you happier every time you recall those times. Why not pull out the Christmas or Hannukah décor early and evoke those warm, happy times again! Are you afraid you’ll be judged?  Is it not what your mother did or the “traditional” thing to do?  Be happier this year, decorate on your timeline, not someone else’s. 


Make It Easy on Yourself

This year, we have the standard four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you’re like me, I’m usually rushed to pack away my fall pumpkins and bring out the holly. Make it easy on yourself and relax! I didn’t listen to tradition, and I pulled out my tree and garland last week. 

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My tree and decorations have been up for more than a week, and I’m thawing my turkey for Thanksgiving. Now I can relax and enjoy the festive décor longer and so can my Thanksgiving guests.  It’s our new family tradition, and it makes me happy. 

Outdoor Decorations? 

If you’re struggling with breaking from your normal routine, of “after Thanksgiving” decorations, go slow. Take it one step at a time and let your family’s other commitments guide your decision. For me, having the inside decorated and letting my family know, “it makes me happy,” works for us!  You might consider just decorating the outside, like half my neighborhood has done. You can put up a few decorations that make YOU happy, so there is not a mad rush after Thanksgiving. You decide.

Ultimately, the holidays are about family and bringing people together. You should never feel pressure (one way or another) to conform to any self-imposed tradition. Make yourself and your family happy put those decorations up on your timeline!  

Happy Thanksgiving and hope this week bring you peace, joy, and some yummy leftovers.

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