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Edurer Office Founded by IIT graduates, Edurer is an Edutech startup. The venture Provides an Artificial-Intelligence-driven learning management system to its



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What if your books could turn into your teachers? Ever wondered what it would be like to learn more in the comforts of your bedroom than you? What if the wells of knowledge leaked out of institutions? Confused? Intrigued? Continue reading to find out more.

Edurer Office
Edurer Office

Founded by IIT graduates, Edurer is an Ed-tech startup. The venture:

  • Provides an Artificial-Intelligence-driven learning management system to its wide array of clients
  • Has an online repository of preparation material well-organized for exams and career paths
  • Offers their institutional clientele with a plug-and-play model for technological teaching assistance

By minimizing the time spent in covering curriculums, and ensuring that the information imparted was grasped, EDURER aims to allow teachers and students with the scope to interact together, not just inform, but educate.

Since its initiation in 2016, there has been no looking back for Anjali and team as they have been incubated by Rajasthan Government along with a proud past association with the Times New group.

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy

The existing loophole in the education system

The majority of the Indian society has contended with the traditional structure of our Education system and a handful of the futuristic ones believes that online education has the potential to succeed in the future. But it’s high time that people realize that Online Learning is not a luxury, it’s the need of the hour.

Flip back the calendar to 7 December 2016 and you would find an ever-enthusiastic IIT-graduate Anjali Bansiwal who along with the two co-founders Atul Dubey and Saurabh Jain realized the need to address the communication gap in the educational approach. Fast forward to 2018 and here’s EDURER with a perfect blend of education and technology to revitalize the education system through its AI-driven platform.

The methodology of EDURER

Edurer targets at adhering to the changing approach of a student in this technological age. A common problem with present-day pedagogy is that it is more teacher-oriented. Moreover, this method partially denies the learning patterns of the students. While many people might confuse this with an attempt to replace the existing way of the education system, EDURER is an innovative team-up with technology to provide teaching assistance tools for teachers and hence, aid them to come up with more efficient ways to teach their students.

“Technology will never replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transforming” – George Couros

Alongside, this approach stands to kill the stigma of technology-assisted education that exists in the present world by giving its control completely into the hands of the stakeholders, majorly the student and the instructor. Their AI driven algorithm keeps a track of your progress, personalizes the way one should proceed by understanding your requirements and thereby, provides smart recommendations.

How are they making their mark?

The startup has started pilot testing their products in numerous schools and institutions across Rajasthan. Most importantly, the results are more than uplifting. The startup has seen a 40% increase in the productivity level of teachers in terms of effectively covering curriculum in the stipulated time. Additionally, it has seen a 60% increase in the productivity of students. The approach of this startup allows for what remains after you’ve forgotten all you were made to learn, education.

Anjali reminisced about the initial days of EDURER and how difficult it was to come up with a name when similar players already existed. They finally came up with Education (E-D-U) RealTime Enhanced Reconciliation (R-E-R).

Any product is as good as the clients find it out to be. The EDURER team is making sure to guarantee client satisfaction before they dish it out to their users. They plan to do this by getting their product reviewed by some of the top-rated faculties in the Rajasthan circle

Bootstrapped with 25L INR, the team is not perplexed due to the bigger players in the market. Subsequently, the team hopes to make technology an integral part of our education system.


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