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Are you interested in a new job or changing careers this year? Then check out these simple, proven tips to get your resume noticed and secure your interview. Planning ahead by showing your value to potential empolyers is easy with these proven methods and a solid resume.


Kathy Husser

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Are you looking for a new job in the new year? Here are proven tips from Jenny Foss to make your resume stand out for that next interview. Simple advice to follow to secure your next career move.

Show Your Value on Top

Highlighting your unique skills and the value you bring your new company is the first step in creating a resume. Use a resume template that is easy to read and uses all the real estate on the page.  Make sure to utilized columns, narrow margins, and don’t place your address on the resume. Your city and state are just fine.

That said, make sure your resume is no more than two pages in length. Be sure to use an 11 size font for easy reading by the reviewer. Don’t include “technology proficiencies” unless those specific skills match up easily to your job.

Depending on your career path, it is usually understood that the average applicant is knowledgeable in Microsoft and business platforms. However, if you are a whiz with WordPress then absolutely include in your “Skills Section.” Your value and job skills need to be near the top of your first page and highlighted.

Employment Gaps

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With the recent pandemic, many job seekers will have gaps in employment for various reasons. Handling gaps depends upon your specific situation, such as childcare, relocation for a spouse, or being laid off.

Explaining the gap depends upon the amount of time that has elapsed, the industry, and if you’re changing careers. There are many ways to address gaps on a resume. Be prepared to tell your story at the interview in a succinct manner. Never apologize, just summarize the situation, and move on. Remember there will usually be a reference check so more information can be shared later. 

Grammar and Organization

Finally, proofread your resume very carefully. Have another person review and proofread for typos and continuity. A recent poll on LinkedIn taken stated that hiring managers felt that zero mistakes or typos should appear on resumes.

Review the job description carefully and be sure to tailor your resume for each job. The ATS or applicant tracking system will thank you, and you will land that coveted interview. Include the keywords that are used in the job posting on your resume for the best results.

Finally, save your resume as a PDF and word document both.  Different companies use different formatting when resumes are submitted online. Always double check your downloaded resume before you click submit for the cleanest and most reader-friendly document.   Finally, Good Luck in your search and in the New Year!

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