What Is An Efficient Way To Exercise To Lose Weight?

The exercise needed varies depending on your weight and body type, but we will introduce.


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To diet effectively and build a body that is hard to rebound, it is important to incorporate dietary restrictions and exercise in a well-balanced manner.

You may find it harder to lose weight with exercise than dietary restrictions, but moderate exercise and muscle training can help you healthily lose weight.

The exercise needed varies depending on your weight and body type, but we will introduce the recommended exercise method when you are on a diet.

When you go on a diet, first set a "goal"!

The diet begins with determining the duration and target weight.

Deciding clearly when and how much you will lose weight will increase your motivation and naturally determine what dieting method you need to take.

It is necessary to consume about 7,200 kcal to lose 1 kg, and it is difficult to consume that many calories only by dietary restrictions and exercise.

Once you have determined goals, 1 in addition to whether it is necessary to suppress much of the calorie intake in terms of meals per day, let's consider a diet plan to burn calories by performing what kind of exercise.

I can't keep my diet motivated!

Exercise and diet! What are the precautions to be aware of?

Just moving your body in the dark clouds may not be enough for your diet goal.

What should I be aware of to connect exercise to a diet effectively?

When you exercise while dieting, it becomes essential is the "time to continue" and "calories burned" 2 because it carried out the exercise appropriately from one of the elements.

Even if the calorie consumption is small, exercising for a certain amount of time may increase the total calorie consumption rather than performing a strenuous exercise for a short time just because the calorie consumption is momentarily large.

Even if it is 5 minutes or 10 minutes a day, it will be easier to realize the effect by incorporating exercise diligently into your life. By building muscle, your basal metabolism will increase, and you will be able to diet more effectively.

When it is easy to lose weight!??

Did you know that even if you do the same amount of exercise, there are times when it is more effective depending on the day?

The key is the "autonomic nerve." One effect is easy to get the time of exercise in the morning fittingly in the day.

After waking up in the morning, a type of autonomic nerve called the "sympathetic nerve" becomes active, and this nerve becomes smoother by exercising.

When the sympathetic nerve function increases, not only the body function such as regulation of body temperature and blood pressure improve, but also the basal metabolism, which is important for dieting, can be expected to increase.

For this reason, we at 24/7 Workout are open from 7 am. Even if you are busy in the morning, you can use the time before working to exercise efficiently.

Drink moderate water

Some people refrain from hydrating because they feel that if they drink water after exercising, they will gain weight, or they may swell or get cold, but they should continue exercising. Appropriate fluid intake is indispensable for going on!

After exercising, make a habit of drinking low-calorie drinks such as water and tea.

It is recommended to avoid sports drinks as they are surprisingly high in calories.

What you need to know, the difference between "aerobic exercise" and "anaerobic exercise"

When thinking about what kind of exercise to diet, there are two types of exercise, "aerobic exercise" and "anaerobic exercise."

Since each exercise's role is different, you can enhance dieting by incorporating it well. Let's see the difference.

What is "aerobic exercise"?

Aerobic exercise is an exercise that moves muscles with a relatively light load continuously.

Typical examples include swimming, jogging, walking, and cycling. In addition, it is a useful exercise for dieting because it can be expected to have effects such as reducing body fat & suppressing high blood pressure. Cenforce 150 and Vilitra 40 to improving physical health.

Typical examples include strength training, weightlifting, and throwing, which require instantaneous force.

Unlike aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise does not consume fat, but it can be decomposed, so it is useful for dieting when performed in combination with aerobic exercise.

In addition, it can increase muscle mass and basal metabolism, which leads to a body that is hard to get fat.

Recommended Exercise Diet Methods!

When dieting by exercise, it is necessary to skillfully incorporate "aerobic exercise" that burns fat and "anaerobic exercise" that creates a body that burns fat quickly.

Here, we will introduce five recommended exercise methods, focusing on "aerobic exercise with high-calorie consumption."


First of all, swimming is recommended. Swimming is highly resistant to water. For example, when a 50 kg person walks 1 km, the calorie consumption is 50 kcal, whereas, in water, it is said that calorie consumption is 200 kcal even at 1 km. It can be said to be an exercise that consumes a lot of calories.

You don't have to force yourself to swim, and beginners should start with underwater walking. Once you get used to it, try swimming, such as crawl and breaststroke, and gradually extend the time.

It's okay if you do it in a time that you can comfortably continue according to your physical condition and swimming skills.


Running is also one of the aerobic exercises that consume a lot of calories.

It's a nice point for diet beginners to start at their favorite place and time without having to prepare anything special. To enhance running, it is important to do it after performing an anaerobic exercise such as fasting or muscle training.

At such times, the blood sugar is low, and fat begins to burn more efficiently. Start running from the distance and time you can run so that you can continue running. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 can be to treat ed.

Compared to running, it consumes less calories, but jogging is also recommended for those who are not good at exercising. Jogging, while looking at the surrounding scenery, maybe a good refreshment.


Cycling by bicycle is also one of the aerobic exercises. It is easy to move to any place you like, even over long distances, which may be beneficial.

You can also put a stronger load by choosing a slope or introducing an exercise bike that you can do at home.

Recommended exercise diet method

There is no rule that exercise must be done outside. Here are two aerobic exercises that are effective for dieting that is easy to make at home.

Stepping up and down movement

One of the aerobic exercises is the "stepping up and down exercise," You prepare a platform of about 10 to 20 cm and repeat the ascent and descent movements.

A person weighing 50 kg can burn about 184 kcal for about an hour, which is about the same effect as walking or cycling. I'm happy that I can practice it while watching TV or listening to music.


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