Ego and self


Bhavana BP

2 years ago | 1 min read

There’s a thin line between self esteem and ego. Self esteem is linked to our self worth and value. It is what drives us to achieve. Whereas ego is self esteem with attachment and ignorance.
The way forward is to become self aware and exercise detachment.

Ego is of the mind and body. Our souls have no ego. The moment we are aware that we are all the same and from the same source, ego diminishes or goes away depending on the degree of awareness. This is when the collective good or the greater good of the world comes into picture.

In my opinion ego is not entirely bad. It teaches us more about what could happen if we are too self centred and ignorant.

Our mind and body wish to have things under control and yet our soul knows that letting go and going with the flow is what it is all about. Ego is about this illusion of control.
Whatever we experience – name, fame, suffering, happiness, material comforts etc are all what ego experiences. The soul simply IS.

In worldly life, we cannot live without ego. We need it to assert ourself, survive and succeed. However, in spiritual life it becomes a barrier to liberation.


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