Electric Bikes Market: - Paving A Way to Sustainable Future

The electric bikes market size was expected to USD 27 billion in the year 2021. Furthermore, the market is anticipated to reach up to USD 77 billion by the year 2030.


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Do you know that a 2 wheeler emits approximately the same CO2 emissions as a car? For your astonishment the amount is estimated to be 300 grams of CO2 per kilometer. In order to attenuate the consequences of the carbon emission, various innovations such as electric bikes have been done. Researchers suggest that electric vehicles such as bikes and car can be an effective solution to the air pollution. Owing to this, electric bikes market is increasing significantly and the governments all over the world are making favorable laws. In this articles, let us understand the advantages of the electric bikes and why they are the future of vehicle industry. Let us distinguish between a regular bike and electric bike-

An electric bike incorporates all the feature of a regular or the conventional cycle with the addition of an electrical drive system. The electric bike also needs to be peddled but they have a slightly heavier and bigger than ordinary bike due to its motor. Let us devour ourselves to understand the advantages of an electric bike.
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Benefits of using
electric bike: -1-   


These electric bikes are efficient and extremely eco-friendly
as the run on the rechargeable batteries and do not require any fuel.
Furthermore, these bikes do not release any harmful gases into the atmosphere.
Owing to this, if a larger population would use these bikes it will definitely
help out in reducing overall carbon emission.

2- Flexible and fast
The technology involved in making electric bikes gives you oomph to travel miles of distance with very little efforts. The electric bike rider can simply slash the traffic while commuting. There are different hassle free lanes available in the cities now where the traffic is less. Although, the bikers are advised to wear full face bike helmet and knee caps to avoid any kind of injury.
3- Cut back expense
As we all know that fuel prices are aggressively increasing and it is becoming extremely exorbitant to commute on petrol based bikes. Electric bikes are no less than a boon to cut the expenses for the riders. These electric bikes are affordable and you can also buy batteries which can last for 20-60 miles.
4- Electric bikes are the future of transportation
The future generation is vehemently conscious for the environment. The sleek and lustrous electric bikes are getting popular all over the world because of their environment friendly behavior. In many countries electric bikes are becoming the first choices for the consumers due to rise of urban air pollution.
5- Ameliorate fitness
One of the prominent researchers Chris Cherry states that electric bikes have the stuff that keeps people fit and eliminates the painful parts of bike riding away. In the studies, he found out that electric bikes provide moderate physical activity on the downhill and flat segment while vigorous physical activity on the uphill segment. In fact, electric bike riders get less exertion and higher level of enjoyment.On account of these many factors, the popularity of electric bikes is rising significantly. Below are the few countries regarding the progress of electric bikes market.
A) China- In the year 2021, China sold out approximately 41 million electric 2-wheelers and the sales of electric bikes is expected to grow about 11% in 2023 to 46 million units.
B) France- The government in Paris city is investing in electric vehicles. It is estimated that in the year 2019, more than 388,100 electric bikes were sold in France.
C) United States- It is estimated that in 2021, more than 880,000 electric bikes were purchased in USA. The reason for the spike in the sales because of high gas prices.
Market Synopsis: -
The electric bikes market size was expected to USD 27 billion in the year 2021. Furthermore, the market is anticipated to reach up to USD 77 billion by the year 2030.
In a nut shell,
The electric bikes market is growing and if you are also willing to invest in the market, then it is advisable to understand the intricacies of the market. The expert team of Kenneth Research has prepared an exhaustive report incorporating various market parameters.


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