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Design your custom apparel packaging to attract customers and elevate your brand. Customize these boxes in shapes, styles, sizes, and layouts using minute printing and packaging techniques.



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Do you want to stand out in your clothing brand? That's why with the quality of your attires, you need creative, innovative, stylish, and sleek packaging boxes to attract your potential customers. Because it's the best way to keep your audience in your contact. 

Whether you are an established brand or a new startup. No matter if you have a physical store or want to deal with an online business. You need packaging to present your apparel to your customers. Different attires have different packaging requirements. That’s why the clothing industry deals with custom apparel packaging. Because customization allows you to attract customers, promote your business and tempt customers to check your brand and other items. 

Whether you deal with a tie, bow tie or scarf, upper body, torso, headwear products, neckwear, body attire, and legwear. Your apparels are already of good quality; why don’t you work to elevate your brand? Let's check how custom apparel packaging helps to elevate your brand.

Custom clothes packaging Attracts customers

As you know, beauty allures the world. It's human nature that attracts beauty. So, having enticing clothing packaging boxes will help you to grab the attention of customers at first glance. Because customization allows you to create a design of your choice. And your Customers can see, feel and experience your brand identity.

Custom attire boxes Brand Recognition

When you customize the design of your attire boxes with all the details of your company. It includes the logo, name, contact number, and QR code of your clothing brand. It will help to create a brand identity in their minds. Which further helps them to recognize your brand. So, next time when they need clothes, they will consider your brand. 

Custom apparel boxes are your Advertising and Marketing tool

From the time a customer enters your shop, he sees different products. It includes your packaging boxes labeled with the logo and name of your company. All these things are promoting your brand. And when he leaves your clothing store. Your printed packaging boxes will work as walking advertising and marketing tools for your brand. From wherever he will pass, your customer will become your brand ambassador. Because People don't buy products, they buy experiences.

Custom garment boxes help you to Stand out from the crowd

There is already a crowd of different clothing businesses in the market. They all are dealing with quality products. What makes them different is their brand identity and unique packaging. That’s why if you want to make a unique identity from the crowd, prefer to have customized clothes packaging boxes. Remember, "Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.” Lets your packaging create a story of your brand and help you to stand out from the crowd.

Make a Bold Statement with custom packaging boxes

Why don’t you make personalized apparel boxes to make them eye-catching? Inject charm and charisma to your attire packaging boxes for all kinds of clothes. Give a memorable experience to your customers and make your brand memorable.

Custom attire boxes Enhance Unboxing Experience

Taking care of every minute detail of your packaging box will give a premium unboxing experience to your customers. When your customer receives his order in beautifully designed quality packaging boxes, it will make him happy. And a happy customer is a recurring customer. Moreover, your happy customer is your business promoter. He refers more clients by word of mouth. Thus your custom attire packing can turn your one-time buyer into a regular customer.

Pop Up From Competition & Mesmerize Every Shopper

If you want to be a step ahead of your competitors. Then spectacularly printed apparel packaging boxes are the solution. These boxes will make your clothes attractive on shelves. And mesmerize every shopper with your clothing brand.

Level Up the Overall Look of Your Clothing

You have designed your clothes very well. But if you don't know how to present them, can you ensure their sale? Nowadays, beauty does not lie in the eyes of beholders. People are attracted to beauty. So, beautifully designed and vibrant-colored packaging boxes can level up the overall look of your clothes.

Types of Apparel Boxes

There is an extensive range available to pack your clothes. You can use any of them or customize them. Some of them are: 

  • Collapsible Apparel Boxes
  • Lid and Tray Apparel Boxes
  • Luxury Apparel Boxes
  • Magnetic Closure Apparel Boxes
  • Printed Cardstock Apparel Boxes
  • Printed Matte Gloss Finish Apparel Boxes
  • Single Piece Apparel Boxes
  • Style Apparel Boxes with PVC Window

Customize your apparel boxes

Do you wonder what customization options are available? A wide array of options are available to customize your attire packaging boxes. 

Size of your apparel boxes

When there are various boxes available, how can you put them in one-sized packaging box? Measure your packaging boxes in length, width, and depth to get an accurate-sized packaging box.


A variety of materials is available. But ensure to order the material that suits your budget. The available material is:

  • Paper board
  • Corrugated stock
  • Rigid material
  • Kraft paper

Color option

You can choose as many colors as you want. But don’t overdo anything. Remember to maintain the sophistication of your brand.

Printing option

You can choose inside printing or outside printing, or both inside and outside printing options for your clothesline.

Lamination option

Ensure that your packaging boxes will not get damaged by environmental factors. You can opt for a lamination option. Which includes

  • Gloss or semi-gloss
  • Matte and UV spot
  • Moroccan lamination
  • Aqueous coating
  • Anti Scratch and soft touch

Add on options

To add the wow factor to your packaging boxes, you can use the add-on option. It includes:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Hot stamping
  • Raised ink
  • PVC window
  • Foiling (Silver, copper, and gold)

To get further details you can get help from the representative of the printing and packaging company. Please let us know what strategies you use to elevate your brand.


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