Make Your Email Signature a Salesperson Who Works Around the Clock

It might be quiet, but it’ll be a great servant to make more sales


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3 years ago | 2 min read

Imagine you have a salesperson who does not eat or drink.

This person does not sleep, take any vacations, ask for payment or a raise.

Your sales and marketing servant never considers jumping ship and joining a rival. Always loyal, always present, this person pitches your message about 121 times a day.

Where does the number “121” come from?

That’s the number of emails an average office worker receives each day, according to a report published by Direct Marketing Resellers group.

Signature Block

Your silent salesperson is the signature block that you should include with every email going out of your home or office.

Imagine making 121 sales visit every day — or 44,165 times a year!

If only 1% of those calls ended up in a sale, you’d have 441 sales.

Let’s say only one out of every one thousand people who read your signature block brought you a sale. That would still make 44 sales without lifting a finger! What’s wrong with that?

If you are not using this totally free marketing tool you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.

Components of a Signature Block

So how do you design a great signature block?

  • Your photo. (Most people neglect this for some reason or another.) There is nothing that creates a good impression like a good, clear, smiling mugshot. The image can be related to your profession as well. If, for example, you are a ski instructor, then don’t publish a photo showing you at your desk, wearing a business suit. Feel free to post a photo in your signature block, shot on the snowy slopes while you take a breather leaning against your skis under the bright sun.
  • Your name and last name, obviously.
  • Title and position.
  • Your contact info — web site, phone, perhaps address (don’t publish your home address if you don’t have an office address).
  • Product landing page URL, if any.
  • Certifications, awards, diplomas.
  • QR Code of your main service or product.
  • Google map of your place of business.
  • Links for special coupons, announcements, upcoming events.
  • Links for any relevant video/YouTube and/or audio (MP3) and podcasts.
  • Your social media icons and links.
  • Your in-house email list link.

Caution: Mobile Phones and Gadgets

It might be a good idea not to go crazy and create a 15 or 20 line signature block since most people are accessing their mail through smartphones and pads these days. Imagine reading an even ten-line signature block on a smartphone… Try to limit your block to your best three or four items.

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