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In today’s rapidly changing era, it is not a simple task to run an organization when there are a number of things which are being required to run an organization in a seamless and an efficient manner.


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PaySlips act as a legal and a physical document which is required in any businessand it also defines the credited salary in employee’s salary account. Itcontains all kinds of deductions, additions and other implied costs if any bythe organization & this varies from company to company and also accordingto the rules applied over the employee’s salary structure in an organization. Inreturn, this also validates that employees are working for a respectablebusiness and earning a set amount of money each month.

Suppose,if there are 2000 employees working in an organization and the organization ismaking the salary slips, doing deductions and adding incentives for theemployees. This kind of work is impossible for a person when it comes tomanually handling as it is a tedious task to maintain the data of allemployees, their salaries and allowances. Also, generating pay slips for eachemployee individually can be really hectic and time consuming for the payrollor HR managers. These all are payroll related methods which need to becarefully taken care of. Managing this process can result in a lot of addedadministration if you don’t have a dedicated human resources person oraccountant.

Itis very difficult to do all the kind of calculation & transactions manuallyand keep all the papers up to date. It becomes important to have the payrollsoftware in any company for efficient & accurate payroll processing. So, automatingthis process and generating pay slips in a single go can reduce the unwantedefforts and enhance efficiency. However, with the use of the payroll softwareall the deductions and additions are done automatically which results inensuring that all the employees get the correct amount of salary every month.

MargPayroll software is the one whichcomputes the employee salaries every month. The employee may be paid by hourlyrate / daily rate/ monthly fixed salary. The employee may have some additionsand deductions in every month like overtime pay, daily allowances, advancepayment, medical claim, special allowance, etc. And the employee unpaid leave,lateness & early leaving pay needs to be deducted from his salary. So, MargPayroll Software allows accessing all the information you need on the goand discover useful and beneficial insights about the workforce in order toimprove the performance and productivity & there is no need of manualentries, automatic generation of reports and is capable of easy customization.

Marg Payroll management featurehandles simple Pay slip generation right up to complex allied processesincluding Loans and Advances, Salary revision and Arrears calculation,Deductions and ad-hoc payments etc.

TheBenefits of Marg Payroll Management Software:

1.Time Saving: Marg Payroll Software enables to create andgenerate employee salary with their monthly online payroll report with anoptimum level of accuracy.

2.Accuracy& Enhanced Security: MargPayroll Software enables to do the calculation of the salary of the employeesin the organization with optimum accuracy and transparency in the system. TheMarg Payroll Software also has a centralized database and enhanced datasecurity.

3.Simple to Generate Payslips: Marg Payroll software allows you to quickly and easilygenerate pay slips for all the employees and ensures the statutory minimum amountof information is included.

4.OtherFeatures: In Marg Payroll Software, there are userwise access rights, Intimation of salary & attendance through SMS, etc.

As Marg Payroll software starting with just Rs.7200 & imbibed with latestfeatures which caters to all the needs of SMEs and MSMEs; is gaining momentumrapidly due to their ability to streamline the HR functions and helpingorganizations to save time and money resulting in adopting latest technology togives wings to their growth.

Ifyou wish to divert your efforts to more productive areas of your business byautomating and reducing your payroll/ pay slip efforts, adopt MargPayroll Software.

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