Would you like to encounter a thought experiment that will make you question your whole life and the decisions you will make?

It was a thought experiment...


Ugur Yigit Karatas

a year ago | 1 min read

During one of his evening walks in Sils Maria, which he called his spiritual home (he would later leave it in great disappointment after his marriage proposal to Lou Salome was rejected), Nietzsche was confronted with what he believed to be the most important thought that had ever occurred to him. It was a thought experiment.
He was walking along the edge of the lake, and when he stopped, something suddenly came to him. Nietzsche believed that this was something that could help us analyze every decision and every reaction that we make in our lives. so that we could all live our lives to the fullest. The question he had in mind was:
“If the devil whispered in your ear that you would live your life over and over again in eternity in all its pain and glory, would you fall and curse the devil through gritted teeth, or would you think he was a god and hold his words sacred?”
What about you?


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