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The End of All Cycles Is Nearing

The birth pains of a new age have already begun. It is up to decide how we go through it.


Kenan Kolday

5 months ago | 4 min read

We are in a period of great change, which has been pointed out since ancient times by masters in spirituality, astrology, esotericism, sociology, and technology. The birth pains of that era, which I call the Age of Self-Knowing Humans, have already begun. Harrari calls it the Age of Homo-Deus by Harari, the Theosophists name ii as the New Age, and the futurists call it the Age of the Sages. Astrologically, it is called the Age of Aquarius. In this new era, humankind will pass into a new reality of humanity.

If you don’t believe it, look at our children. Who would say that in thousands of years of human history, our children, already classified as X, Y, Z, and recently alpha generation, would be different, special, unique, and so much ahead of us? Generation X has planted the seeds of this new age, Generation Y (Indigo children) has sprouted, and Crystal Children, who are now Generation Z, will make the change. Generation Alpha is the children of this new reality.

The Schumann Resonances of Mother Earth, Gaia, recently began to rise from 7.83 Hz to 13 Hz. It was stable at 7.83 Hz for thousands of years. Seemingly, this frequency, which has risen from the Alpha level to the Beta level, will increase to Gamma, the frequency of the upper consciousness, that is, 30 Hz and above. According to Wikipedia, Schumann resonance is the name given to the natural vibration between the Earth and the ionosphere layer, described by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952. It is related to the formation of a spherical electromagnetic field and the vibrational data within this field.

Our infant science does not know the reasons for this increase. Still, this phenomenon mentioned in spiritual and occult sources that our solar system is making its revolution in our galaxy will last for 2000. Even NASA is trying to understand this phenomenon. Maybe this is the reason for this increase.

Perhaps the main reason is the megacycles of our world that we do not know yet. Or it is those long cycles of millions of years and more, beyond the sun’s solar maximum and solar minimum cycles, which the Mayas expressed as 189 years and also several thousand years.

Perhaps they are the influences of the Divine Ordinance. Maybe it is that gigantic planet Nibiru, mentioned as the transition planet in ancient Sumerian tablets, that passes between Mars and Jupiter every 3600 years.

Perhaps this change is the healing process of the Earth, as we human beings have not fulfilled the caliphate position given to us and have polluted the Earth, our only cosmic guesthouse.

Perhaps the approaching pole shift is the one that Russian scientist Ivanovich talks about, which our old world has lived several times as described in ancient texts when the sun rose twice from where it set.

All I know is that an enormous change is at our doorstep, and it has already begun. The question is whether we can adapt to this change. Or whether we want to change.

Because change is not only material but also rational, the problem is the unjust, materialist, determinist, reductionist, restrictive, seductive, and restrictive approach of Homo-Sapiens, who arrogantly identified himself as the wise human. Only a small number of elites have the power. Still, a small group of people works for the welfare of entire societies. The material prosperity and riches of a small number of civilized countries impoverish underdeveloped countries and enrich those who already have more than others. This type of corrupt mindset is corrupt and does not reflect the true essence and potential of the human being.

I don’t know if our future as humanity is Homo-Deus or Homo-Digitalis, or Homo-Machinus. All I know is that the human who knows himself, that is, humanity who does not reach the stage of Homo-Noeticus, has no future because secrets are given to those who deserve it, power is given to those who can carry it.

Carrying this power is not with knowledge, but with wisdom and consciousness. When we as humanity raise our consciousness together, then our spiritual frequency, our vibration, increases, and we can adapt to the increasing Schumann resonance of Mother Earth. So it is essential for a person whose body frequency is 7.5 Hz in his everyday life to increase his spiritual frequency and to harmonize with Gaia, whose frequency is rising to 13 Hz and above. That’s why this is a time of transition and transformation. Bedri Ruhselman described this as the End of the Cycles in his book Divine Order and the Universe.

This period, which means the harvest time, is when the good and the evil will separate. The Kali Yuga will come to an end. The matter will overcome the spirit; humanity will come out of the pit it fell into and rise to the places it deserves.

The only possibility for us to pass this period to the benefit of the All in a good way is through consciousness leap, which is the first step of awareness and inner transformation.

The road and the journey do not end. But life is flowing fast. The time that ticks aways never comes back. So, make sure you remember the ancient saying — KNOW THYSELF.

Not only remember, but do the inner work in every breath because you have only one life, and no one can tell when it endsEmbrace the time and continue the spiritual journey, which is the only reason we exist on Earth.

With love,


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