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Ending the Hurt

Out of the locker


Amy Christie

4 months ago | 1 min read


What does it mean

When you offend

or feel offended?

Have you just crossed the bridge

of all the things that stop you

from hurting and get hurt?

Within the stream

of thoughts and words

and actions.

All ablaze or smolder,

as if no train

could push it further.

The goals and wishes left behind

for harsh and tearing words

are not unworthy

or just wasted.

They’re yours and critics

don’t get reign

over the smallest fingerprints

that trace the path.

Wherever you shall find

your mind is roaming,

it’s not a bad place or a good one,

it’s your own.

As precious as the sky

but measured up to goals.

and kindness only

passes in.

All shouts and blame

are left outside.

For here it is you alone

and no one else beholds

what you become

or how you go above it.

And there is nothing stopping

who you might be

today, one day, or yesterday.

There’s many times of you

and not a single drop of oneness

gets lost

as long as you behold

the picture

that unites your soul.

All that you are and were

is glimpsed

when your heart wishes for tomorrow.

And you can make it real,

your soul can learn to fly.

For no one ever could

belong to something true

unless they started dreaming

of love in airy might.

What comes to be

has first been dealt within your heart

and there it starts.

To beat, to flutter,

and finally, take flight,

when wings of love

and firm delight

take it to where you rest

or run

and daily gather

drops of strength.

Photo credit: Pixabay


Created by

Amy Christie


Passionate Writer and Journalist

Journalist| Poet |Blogger: Always striving to bring out the positive and create meaningful connections







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