Your Energy Is the Most Valuable Currency

Levitating flows. A poem


Kevin Jahleel Ishimwe

a year ago | 1 min read

Levitating flows. A poem

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Quiet influenceQuite amicably,Life’s congruenceReverberates in me

The spirit of stillnessLeaves me speechlessEach time I attuneAnd watch my gifts prune

To what they wereIntended to doSometimes, I drown in my waysYet your force sees me through

Answered prayers fluentlyEmerge in my mistAs I go about my days merrilyImmersed in the soothing breeze

Of this gift: we call life.

Your gentle touch reminds me,To never lose sightOf the wonders brewing in meAnd suddenlyI regain my mightTo manifestWhat the voice of reasonShines in my forestOf dormant oaks,

As I conjoin withThe changing seasonsTo become prosperousIn my thoughts

What use of it – is knowledge if you don’t learn to apply it

Live happily, love gently, and inspire authentically.

Your energy is the most valuable currency; learn to manage how you choose to expend it. Some things are better left unaddressed or explained.

Sometimes, it’s also okay to be confused as you experience this magnificent enigma because the tides will soon turn in your favor, and you will regain all your glamor.

Fortified armor – will your temple beLike a tree that digs its roots deepTo connect to its source.

Light, will your walk beWhen you embrace the spiritThat you came on this earth withGracefully will you glowWhen you follow suitTo what the heart yearns.

Thank you all for reading, and I sincerely hope all is well.


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Kevin Jahleel Ishimwe

Man thrives by the principles he holds dearly in his heart -- I'm an aspiring writer who aims to inspire through testimonies of personal growth and service.







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