How to Ensure Your Customers Stay Committed

It can be hard for start-ups to keep their customers engaged and committed to their products. Find out two strategies you can use to ensure this today.


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Photo by Constantin Wenning on Unsplash
Photo by Constantin Wenning on Unsplash

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing disengaged customers. Even here on this platform, I see people complaining about it. People have thousands of followers and still get only a small number of views.

Disengaged customers only kill your motivation and give you a sense of false achievement. As an entrepreneur, your goal is to have a customer base that desires to support your work.

The only problem is, you are not in control of people’s responses or actions. At one point, someone may be interested in your products and services, then at another blind to it.

So, how do large companies and successful entrepreneurs keep their customer base engaged? Also, what are the things they do differently from the others in the market?

Although it is a combination of things, two things stand out to me that they do. If you think about anything with high engagement from their participants, you will find these two things.

The first is the desire from the customers to uphold a persona. The second is the belief that their support is rewarded. There is no surprise that Apple users believe they are better than Samsung users. Also, religions hold their followers to a set of values that makes them better.

As humans, we are pulled towards things that we find beautiful. And more often than not, these are also things we support and wish we could become. So, here are two strategies to consider when trying to build an engaged customer base.

Your Customer Wants to Feel Like the Person They Want to Be

Whether we like it or not, we all have an ideal version of ourselves in our heads. Maybe we are a bit more hardworking or an expert at what we do. These versions of ourselves are not a problem. In fact, they can lead us to become better.

It is here that the entrepreneur must find value. We are not just all visionaries, but we are also storytellers. We tell ourselves stories about our future selves and what life might be like when we achieve it. It is here that the entrepreneur can find one strategy to build commitment.

A lot of the time, businesses focus on advertising their products and services. They throw a load of stats and figures at potential customers to hope they win them over. It is vital to have a good product, and even better if it is the best. However, without a connection to your customer, you will lose their engagement over time.

I have found the best marketers tell their potential customers a story of their ideal selves. But not only this, they let them know that through their product or service, they can achieve it.

A good example of this is my friend’s reluctance to cancel their economist subscription. The economist is a newspaper released weekly that updates those in this field on the news and its effects on the economy.

It is a great service and helps those in finance, global relations and business to make good decisions. However, it is quite pricey, and my friend does not read every single one that comes through their door. So why do they do stay subscribed despite complaining about leaking money?

Well, my friend has told themselves a story. They enjoy reading politics and feel like their best selves would always be connected with what is happening in the world. My friend also believes they are intellectual, so they need to be reading about global affairs on a regular basis.

So the economist has branded themselves perfectly with their name. Not only this, they send out the message that those who read the economist are smart and seek to take part in solving global affairs.

There is no wonder my friend does not want to unsubscribe even though they are leaking money. For him, he is committed to a character he believes he is and seeks to be. As a result, betraying the beliefs he has about himself will make him feel like a liar.

To ensure commitment from your customers, you need to tell them a story about the type of people who use it. Then, if they believe that is the person they are or seek to be, the commitment will come naturally.

Your Customer Wants Something to Believe In

Whether religious or not, we all seek to believe in something bigger than ourselves. Not only this, but we want to take part in doing so too. You will find that communities that give their participants something to believe in also have the most commitment.

Religions and charities all have committed followers because they give them something to believe in. And I have always found it interesting why businesses and entrepreneurs do not take a leaf out of their books.

If you seek a committed following, you must have a message to share and a mission to carry out. Your message is what you believe the world needs, and your mission is how you do it.

If you do not have any one of those, you will find that your customers will lack energy in support. Even if it is a great product or service, you lose the connection of people when you do not have a message or mission.

Your customers want to feel as though they contribute towards your overall mission. And if they can not contribute to the mission, at the very least, they want to feel like they carry your message. It is here where they feel the reward of being part of your customer base.

Closing Thoughts

We can not force anyone to be committed to us. Like in every relationship, there needs to be a desire from the other person that is there. The only thing we can do is influence their desire for us by growing in attraction towards them.

As an entrepreneur, the same applies. You can not force your customers into commitment, but you can ensure they want to become committed. The two strategies above, along with repeatedly showing up for your customers, will help boost your engagement.

After all, we are not creatures that care only about results. Instead, we want to trod a journey with others and be driven towards a result that is far from our reach. It is here we find commitment, and it is here you should turn your focus if you seek a commitment.


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