How this entrepreneur is using common household LED light bulbs to enable speeds of up to 220 GB per second

Velmenni as created light fidelity, Li-Fi, based mesh network solution for data transfer across long distances. Creates products for times when optical cab



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The world has witnessed the evolution of G-Technology, yet, we still struggle to find the right service every single day. Reliable, usable, cheap and fast, just a few of the many attributes that make up a good network. Looks like Velmenni has figured it all out. Continue reading to find out how they plan on rebooting technology.

Velmenni, founded by Deepak Solanki started off as a research project back when he was pursuing engineering. Founded in 2012, it has managed to become the first startup to introduce the concept of visible light communications technology in India.

The startup:

  • Has created light fidelity, Li-Fi, based mesh network solution for data transfer across long distances.
  • Creates products for times when optical cable infrastructure is difficult to implement.
  • Aims on integrating Wi-Fi and Li-Fi to create efficient and productive networks.

What is Li-Fi?

To someone who doesn’t get science and technology, Deepak Solanki explains how Li-Fi is going to change the future. In simple terms, Li-Fi just converts light into data by taking the data inputs as 1’s and 0’s, which are dispatched by every rapidly fleeting ray of light released by the LED. The dongle then demodulates the received data and sends it to the smart device.

Though it might sound complicated, Deepak and his team have not just come up with pilot projects already, but also explain how Li-Fi once introduced to the market will grow to develop various sectors, those even untouched by Wi-Fi.

Hospitals, airports, vehicles, telecom operators, retailers, and even just every smart device user is going to reap what Deepak and his team have sown at Velmenni.

“Whoever thought even underwater communication could become simpler and not just remain as a theoretical concept?”
Deepak Solanki, Founder | CEO, Velmenni
Deepak Solanki, Founder | CEO, Velmenni

Why Li-Fi?

Security and health hazards are two of the major concerns when it comes to technology. We’ve all heard of the harmful radiations that are emitted by smart devices when overused. These radiations are absorbed by the body and pose a potential health risk. And this is where Li-Fi proves to be a great discovery. It uses the digital part of the light spectrum and does not emit any radio signals. In fact, LEDs have proven to be environment-friendly and good for health.

And, when it comes to data security, Li-Fi does not operate like Wi-Fi. Through Wi-Fi even your neighbors could access your network as signals can pass through the wall, this might let someone unauthorized access your data. But, light cannot trespass the physical environment, it enables a secure data passage and ensures data security.

Li-Fi uses visible light, infrared and Ultraviolet, a hybrid infrastructure. It has almost no limitations on capacity.

Well, here’s another interesting feature Velmenni is working on, getting light to communicate with smartphones with a camera! Cameras can detect the blinking of the LED and receive the data through an app and demodulate the data. Though this is still seen as a future application, it sure does sound like something that could work wonders.

How does it work?

How do they install Li-Fi at home? Here’s the answer, the installation process will remain the same, will work just the way Wi-Fi installation process does, the easy way, just call up your service provider!

You don’t even have to worry about setting up a light source, in fact, light bulbs with built-in Li-Fi are being developed by lighting companies for the future.

The future challenges for Velmenni?

In its present state, the switching speeds of the LEDs are limited. Velmenni is working on customizing the LEDs and the development of different applications are under research. It’s also working on overcoming the limitations being posed by the presently available G-Technology that isn’t able to cater to the demand.

The Velmenni team has been researching about Li-Fi for over five years now and it is safe to say that they are on the top of their game. They have already received an International patent, keeping their research and pilot projects as authentic as possible. A budding researcher could take up to a year or two to get where Velmenni is at.

“Building technology takes time, even with the available research and information”

The collaborations so far

Velmenni has also made significant partnerships with business simulators like Cisco Launchpad, BuildIt, and Airbuz BizLab over the past few years and hopes to make a lot more in the future. They are very optimistic about their development and believe that as long as the demand grows, they will be able to cater to the future that one hasn’t even imagined yet.


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