Entrepreneurs serve the public way more than public servants.

What’s so magical about going into public service in the government?


Tony Forcucci

3 years ago | 2 min read

In the 2008 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama said something to the effect that if you go into Public Service you should enjoy certain tax benefits and other benefits such as forgiveness of your student loans.

Why? Why is this seen as noble?

Instead of offering student loan forgivness or special loans to people to decide to work where the source of their income is on the backs taxpaxers, shouldn’t it be just the opposite?

Shouldn’t it be that if you leave college and become an entrepreneur serving your fellow man with a product or service, and creating private sector employment opportunities for people YOU should be the one to get your student loans forgiven or special tax benefits?

What’s so magical about going into public service in the government? A businessman that opens a company is offering far more service to the country that is the person that goes to work for some government department.

Government employees cost taxpayers money and offer them very little value in return (and in some case no value whatsoever).

Contrast that with a business owner that offers job opportunities, products, and services in a community

Every job created by an entrepreneur generates tax revenue for the government (income tax) and provides a means for people to support their families, while offering products and services.

Compare that with “public servants” who aren’t really there to serve anyone but themselves to easy taxpayer provided salaries and benefits.

I am not saying we don’t need people working in government or “public service”, but let’s get real, if we’re going to be honoring anyone here it should be the small or big business owner providing jobs and income opportunities in the community, not the bureaucrat that works at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

From the post office worker all the way up to Senator Chuck Schumer, these people do not deserve such special reverence simply because they’re “public servants”.

When you listen to the public servants on the low end of the totem pole the main thing on their mind is not you, it’s their government benefits and their government pension.

And when you listen to the “public servants” on the high end of the totem pole such as someone in the House of Representatives, they generally don’t give hoot about you, they don’t know you, and they don’t even really represent you at the individual level.

These are political power players who like to be in this position of power for a variety of reasons — and the easy restaurant reservations aren’t bad either.

So if we’re going to forgive the student loans of anyone, let it not be the ones that go to work for government who will have an easy go of it generally speaking, let it be for those that create jobs and wealth for the rest of us.

They are the real public servants.

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