Europe SaaS-based SCM Market forecast, Revenue, Trends, Outlook to 2027: Ken Research

The total Europe SaaS based SCM Market is expected to witness over 12% CAGR during the forecast period of 2022-2027.


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SaaS-basedSCM deliver the end-to-end visibility on goods & productmobility through improved analytics and supply chain forecasting models. Thissolution is designed to improve and reinforce the supply chain operations in anorganization by managing production, inventory, sourcing, transportation, and supervisionthe product requirement. In addition, it delivers the better visibility toorganizations with a cross-functional admittance, and proposes theexception-based process management platforms, which allow the staff tomicro-manage steady-state processes.


According tothe Ken Research’s latest report titled, ‘Europe SaaS based SCM Market Outlook andForecast to 2027 - Driven by Acceleration of Supply Chain Digitization,E-Commerce Boost and EU Regulations on Data Storage’, Germanyis found to be the largest individual country market accounting for over 25%revenue share and the SaaSbased SCM market in Germany is expected to observe steady growth overthe next five years to retain its leading position even by 2027. The EuropeSaaS based SCM market is driven by the growing penetration among end-userindustries, stabilizing long-term usage among end-users within developednations and growing adoption among end-users within the developing nations.

Surge in therequirement for real-time supply chain analysis across varied dissimilarindustry verticals Germany is predicted to propel the sales growth in theGermany SaaS-based SCM industry during the forecast duration.

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The totalEurope SaaS based SCM Market is expected to witness over 12% CAGRduring the forecast period of 2022-2027. The ability of the SaaS based SCMsolutions in participating with other latest technologies such as Internet ofThings (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence is making several end-user companiesswitch to the cloud-based system from the old-style on-premise tools. Thespeedy growth in the implementation of flexible and scalable digitaltechnologies by the end-user companies to efficiently manage their supplychains is propelling the SaaS based SCM industry to develop. Flexibilityproposed by the solutions providers in terms of clients being able to selectthe hybrid and pay-as-you go models in deployment modes such as public andprivate is a foremost driver for the market.

The scepticismaround data security problems in a cloud environment is a challenge to thegrowth of SaaS based SCM market. The shortage of sufficient skilledprofessionals in the SaaS based SCM is also probable to limit the growth of themarket in Europe.

Impact ofCovid-19 on Europe SaaS based SCM Market

Ken Researchalso observed that COVID-19 pandemic had a positive impact on the growth of thecomplete SaaS based SCM market. The supply chains of countlessindustries faced a lot of challenges owing to the pandemic. Rising requirementfor online services resulted in companies in the end-user industries likewiseFood & Beverages, Apparel & Fashion Goods, Healthcare & LifeSciences resorting to implementation of automated supply chain systems allowedby SaaS solutions. Ultimately the other end-user industries whose supply chainswere impacted owing to the pandemic are also implementing the SaaS based SCMwhich is propelling market growth.

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Top ImpactingFactors

Speedyindustrialization, along with growing digitization across the Europe region, isone of the foremost factors propelling the growth of the market. Organizationsand manufacturing units are implementing the automated and pre-programmedmachinery to decrease the costs and overall time taken to introduce the goodsor cater services. SaaS-based SCM tools deliver constant monitoring andoperational security, which is growing their demand across several sectors.


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