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Carmela Jenkins

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Surely you are familiar with the Wikipedia website which serves as a reference for a complete explanation of something. Have you ever thought about why this website from the past until now does not have any changes in appearance? In response to that question, the Wikimedia Foundation, which manages the Wikipedia project, announced that Wikipedia had updated its page display for the first time since 2011.

wikipedia updates

The update is already available in hundreds of languages including English. The Wikipedia page design will also be updated to add to the convenience of its readers. You can see the language switcher tool more clearly than the old wikipedia. Later there will also be a header containing the searching tool, page sections, and page names that always appear at the top of the screen.

The interface changes are not significant, in fact you may not even notice the difference from the old Wikipedia interface. But based on its developer organization, this update is necessary to meet the needs of the next generation of the internet, including someone who is less familiar with the internet. So what are the changes offered by Wikipedia? see the explanation as follows.

5 Updates from Wikipedia

1. Show Images When Performing a Search

When searching, you will find several autocomplete suggestion options. The search suggestion will not only display a description, but will also display an image to make it easier for you to find the right article. According to the Wikimedia Foundation, this update improves user searches by up to 30% during the testing phase. This is one of the proofs that even small changes have a big impact on its users.

2. Focus on Reading with the Sticky Header Feature

Have you ever found it difficult to read Wikipedia? In the past, you had to scroll up to find the right part again. The Wikipedia update will display a sticky header containing the search tool, page sections, and page names on the screen. During the testing phase, this update was shown to lower scroll speed rates by up to 15%. From the testing stage, another fact was also found, namely that Wikipedia editors usually use edit timbol in the header.

3. New Look For Language-Switching Tool

Actually, the language-swithing tool was already available in previous versions. But now Wikipedia puts this tool more on the right side of the screen. This update aims to make it easy for you to find tools to convert pages to different languages. Currently Wikipedia is available in 300 languages, of course including Indonesian.

4. Article Navigation With Content Table Feature

This new feature will be visible on the left side of the screen. This feature will really help you when reading long articles. Why? because you can tell which part you are reading. Of course, with the subsections clearly displayed, you can immediately read to the specific section as you are looking for.

5. Set Up Wikipedia Pages as Comfortable as You Are

Other changes made by the Wikimedia Foundation to the Wikipedia site include the addition of a collapsible sidebar to provide a more focused reading experience. You can find the sidebar on the left side of the page with a display of 3 horizontal lines. In addition, the width of the text lines is limited to provide a more comfortable reading experience. This feature is available for users using monitors with a width of 1600 pixels or more. But don't worry, you can still adjust the width of the page to your liking.

The changes made by the Wikimedia Foundation to Wikipedia are an attempt to update the interface and make the site easier to use. With a large readership, the organization takes care to update Wikipedia without interfering with its user experience. Today, Wikipedia provides more than 58 million articles in more than 300 languages that are viewed nearly 16 billion times every month. This update does not remove existing functionality functionality. But you can see Wikipedia pages with a more modern and easier to use look.


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