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Everest Base Camp Trek Nepal

The Everest Base Camp Trek Nepal is no less than another wonder that this world gets to see. It has been a marvelous destination for trekkers and hikers. What would a trekker want if he/she gets to experience the highest mountain in the world? Settling at an elevation of about 5300m Everest Base Camp is quite an experience that one must-have. Each year with an estimation of about 40000 people trekking this camp. It has undoubtedly been the most popular trekking destination.

Why is Everest Base Camp Nepal popular?

Everest Base Camp Nepal is quite popular due to its elevation, experience, climate, challenges. And of course, the stunning view of the Himalayas. Lying in the laps of the Himalayas, it is a rudimentary campsite for climbers trying to conquer Everest. On top of that, it also has been a paradise for many trekkers and hikers. This region has been popular due to the magnificent vista of mountains, the Himalayas, and mind-blowing mastiffs.

The southern Everest Base Camp of Nepal is quite more popular than the northern one in China. As the southern camp is comparatively easier and fun one to trek on. Due to this region, the go-to Base Camp for people climbing Everest has been the southern one.

The experience you get in Everest Base Camp Trek Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek Nepal has been a life-changing experience for many. If lucky enough with the right decisions and moves you could also be the one to change your life from this trek. Many have believed this trek to be a natural therapy for them. With which they were able to overcome depression, trauma, anxiety. The glaciers, lakes, streams, ponds, mastiffs, mountains are sure to melt anyone’s heart.

The trek itself is quite a rough and challenging one. But as they say more the challenge more the result. A couple of flights, many buses, and hundreds of hours of trekking is what is required to trek this Base Camp. But after conquering this trek you will definitely thank yourself for making it this far. The results are worth every drop of sweat.

Challenges of Everest Base Camp and how to overcome them?

Lying on an unconvincing elevation of 5300m, the altitude is what becomes your greatest challenge throughout the trek. With problems such as altitude sickness which many people lack on considering has become the greatest enemy of trekkers. So, prepare yourself for every upcoming danger. Through research, a quality guide, and a trustable trekking agency such as Happyland Treks.

Other common problems such as fatigue, extreme dehydration, hunger can be dealt with enough preparation and dedication. The single piece of advice any experienced trekker will give you is to consider an experienced guide and an informative trekking agency.

An agency like Happyland Treks warns you will all the upcoming dangers and will prepare you for the worst possibilities. The mysterious land of the Himalayas is not to be taken lightly. With frequent weather challenges, avalanches. Many more unexpected problems that awaits you is what makes Everest Base Camp a challenge. Trekking this vulnerable land without good company may be a foolish decision that you won’t want to regret later.

So, choosing a great agency will be another good decision you will make in this journey for a successful trek. For this trek, we could be your best partner and assist you well. So, do let us know if you are planning a trek to this heavenly piece of land.

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