Every Writing Advice You Ever Got

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This is what you see

This is what you should read

Choose a catchy title

You’ve got 3 seconds to make your pitch. Go!

Use pictures to boost your post

This will take 1 second off your 3-second pitch. Trust me, there is no better way for that second to die.

I made 10000000000$ on Medium last month

I will make another 100 off your reading this.

Anybody can write

Come to me thou wretched rag, ye shall be lead to riches.

Provide useful information

Please don’t turn this into Facebook, I love this place.

Keep it short

Do not do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.

Do not write for money

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT quit your day job. Expect like 47 cents on an average.

Choose a suitable publication

Do you have 1000000 friends? No? didn’t think so. They do.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Although other posts might tell you…

This is NOT one of the other posts. This is the Truth. I cannot stress this enough. (So did all the other posts, but THIS is the one)

Write for what you really care about

People on the internet have subconscious hogwash detectors. #Truestory.

No, write for your audience

Is there a non-hogwash topic that you love and people love too? That’s the sweet spot.

Be honest

Of course, you love your family, you love your job and you have a great body. There is Instagram for this. Add to it a tad bit of honesty, and BAM, great blog post!

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Make your presence known on the platform

I learned this on instagram. I’m going to spread it on Medium. Like for Like, Follow for Follow is the unspoken truth (I mean, it might work!)

What writers can learn from house-elves and Burger-King

That title is not on me. You wouldn’t have clicked otherwise.

Although my country is not a part of the Partner Program…

At this point, I’m talking to the Medium guys, you just move on to #5 in the 8 things that was going to make you a good writer.

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