Everyone Wanting Inclusion Is Causing So Much Division.

A humorous situation that caused me to have a perspective check of reality. Respect and "fairness" is the foundation of inclusion.


Dedrick C.

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I was watching a television show with my homegirl called The Boys, which is about superheroes’ personal lives and is satire, in my opinion. But as we started to talk about the show itself, she said,” Why did he have to be called The Boys? They could have called it The people or the Superheroes Behind the Scenes. After she said that, I said, “You wanted it to be called The Girls? She thought to herself and finally responded, “Well, no, but they need to have a title that includes everybody.

I did not respond because I don’t particularly appreciate arguing. After all, arguing does not change anything; all it does is deepen problems. I wouldn’t say I like to do for all I care. She could have turned the television off. But that moment made e think deeper because if it had been called, the girls should not have said anything. She is a girl because she is female, and the title would have included her. Yet, if I had told the title it already has is fine, it would have caused a verbal war. This little moment showed me that everyone explicitly wanting to be recognized or included causes division and war among things where inclusion does not matter. It distorts our vision where inclusion does matter.

In addition, this amplifies the narrative of exclusion because someone or something does not speak for everyone, but that is not the case for every little thing. When included, if it is not portrayed or expressed enough, the inclusion is not enough for those who want to be included. Not saying wanting inclusion is a problem, but including everyone and everything can take away norms, rules, pride, beliefs, ideas, creativity, and passion, all because everyone needs to be represented. But all things are not meant for everyone, every religion, culture, sub-culture, and even organization. The best thing is to be included in something representing what you stand for and stand on. Being fit means being seen, heard, and felt if you are included and not defined correctly; it is the same as being excluded. So, in conclusion, find true inclusion.


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