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I'm here to share with you my previous qualities. Maybe this can help me in this new career.


Julia Barcelos

3 months ago | 2 min read


Have you ever thought your old experiences don’t have value anymore?

I’m here to prove the opposite.

I’m a chemist as some of you already know, I’ve been working all my professional life in the pharmacy industry. 
I'm used to thinking that what I've learned and knew about my old career doesn’t matter anymore, but I was acting like a fool person and I can prove it! 

I mentioned before about a book who I’m reading, called “Clean Code”.
I was reading and found this awesome page that talked about that and show me 
How I was definitely wrong.

The book mentioned the 5S system and it’s a universal communication, everyone who worked in the industry knows how important it is to organize all your work place. So everyone could be able to find everything that they want without hassle.

Foto de um momento de leitura do livro: Código limpo.

This article, which talked about 5S, can be useful if you need some introduction about this topic.
5S system

Who can imagine this could be counted as a hard skill to be a programmer?

Yes, in fact, is.
I've figured out I already have this s ability. Also, I know what it is good for and why it is so important.

And do you know why this is important?

If not, don't worry, I can be able to explain it based on a little routine simulation. 

Please follow my lead...

Can you imagine yourself opening a repository and finding all the documents totally unorganized and shuffled?

You just can't differentiate between pages and components
Imagine a login page in the same place with an API request... You might think, what does API request?

The names of all these files don't tell you anything, you spend like 15 minutes just to find yourself in the code and still haven't found which is the main page yet.

Great... Now you finally found a router file, so you could start to figure out how many pages this project has and how all this works together. From the time you've started till now, that took you about 35 minutes of the workday. 

In the middle of that bad situation, you’ve just realized you have a meeting schedule and you might have to go back to the code later because, in fact, you didn't start your task yet.
So, for don't spend almost an hour again, you create a folder and files structure to organize this repository, but guess what?

When finally get done arranging all those files and folders, and starting to understand how all these files connect to each other you’ve just reached lunchtime. Could you imagine being in this situation and don’t feeling disgusted, stressed, and tired from correcting bad code and bad work?

If you have some notion about 5s this never will be happing with your projects.

So, if someone else gets to work on your project those kinds of problems, cited above, just won't happen.

Stay strong, you and I are qualified to take good job offers.

I'll continue to look at my previous qualities for this new career and share my experiences with you all, maybe this will help you.


Created by

Julia Barcelos


Full-stack web developer student

I'm from Florianópolis SC, I've a degree on Chemistry, but now I'm change my career to be Developer. =)







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