Everything Is Happening To Your Advantage

If you decide to believe so.


Domagoj Vidovic

2 years ago | 3 min read

There are two main ways of living a life. In the first one, you believe life is beautiful; the universe is friendly; you are important.

In the second one, you feel like a victim. You believe you’re unlucky and expect terrible things in the future.

Whatever you think — it’s true. Small mindset changes can have a huge impact on our lives; this is one of them.

Why Is This True?

Even though this might sound tiny and insignificant, if we dig deeper, we will find enormous potential.

Think about one positive thing in your life; something you’re truly proud of.

That achievement didn’t magically appear in your life. To make it happen, you had to take many positive actions; bring numerous wise decisions.

All of those actions were triggered by your confident thoughts. Carefully crafted in your mind, you materialized your thoughts by taking the right actions.

Those thoughts wouldn’t even exist in the first place — if you weren’t optimistic about your achievement. At least a part of you believed you can succeed.

At least a part of you — trusted the universe.

The Root

This isn’t true only for your accomplishments — your misfortunes are created in this way too.

Our beliefs are the cause of everything we have in life. The outer world is just a reflection of the inner self. There’s no cheating — negative beliefs will materialize sooner or later.

We can stop it — by acting; by being aware that our beliefs and thoughts are the real building blocks of this world.

How To Act Properly?

If you complain and feel unlucky all the time, you’re living in a negative feedback loop.

You‘re not delighted with life, you believe something bad will happen to you. Because of it, you’re focused only on the bad things — and when they happen, you just confirm that you’re unfortunate.

A similar thing happens with the lucky people — they actually consider them very lucky. Focus on positivity put them in a positive feedback loop.

There’s a lot of things happening to you and around you, every day. If you decide to be fulfilled for the positive ones and find a meaningful lesson in the negative ones, you will win.

You’re in control of the situation; if you decide to react positively, it will be so. If you find a reason in it, it will exist. If you find the negativity inside of it, it will impact you badly.

Whatever you think at that moment, it’s true for you. Your perception of the world is driven by your beliefs, and it’s highly flexible.

Okay, But How Can I Practise This In Real Life?

You don’t want just theoretical stuff, you want to try it out. I get it. We all love the exact instructions.

To become better at acting, you have to recognize the situations first. You need to raise your levels of self-awareness. Meditation and journaling can help a lot here.

Besides that, observe your thoughts, emotions, and reactions constantly. If you realize you feel like a victim, sorry for yourself, or anything similar — you’re most likely living in a negative feedback loop.

The conscious mind arrives here; observe the situation that made you feel negative and try to find anything positive in it.

You don’t know which situation that was, or you can’t find anything positive in it? It doesn’t matter; what matters is that you tried. You’re practicing. It will be better next time.

Learning Material

You must be able to explain the situation and turn it into something positive in your mind; a strong philosophy should back it up. I recommend Stoicism for starting — it’s an extremely powerful and efficient tool to reduce the unnecessary noise of this modern world.

You can try The Enchiridion of Epictetus; the book that had the biggest influence on my life, ever.

You don’t need too much information right now; this is enough for a great start. You’ll find more material during your journey. If you accept it as a part of you, the wisdom will just appear in front of you.

Remember, just practice. You can’t become an expert in a week. Practice, practice, practice. And don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Everything is happening to your advantage.


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