Everything You Must Know About Support Coordination

NDIS provides funding for support coordination to avoid such a situation and help the participants spend their time and energy on achieving their goals.


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The National disability insurance scheme is a holistic endeavour by the government of Australia to assist citizens with disabilities. The scheme aims to provide adequate funding so the participants can accomplish various milestones and lead happier lives. However, it's sometimes time-consuming and arduous for the participants to make the most of the funding.

For example, there are multiple disability services in Melbourne but finding the one providing the best services at affordable prices requires the participant to invest a lot of time and energy, which they could otherwise spend on accomplishing their goals. NDIS provides funding for support coordination to avoid such a situation and help the participants spend their time and energy on achieving their goals.

In this article, we shall shed light on support coordination and how it can help the participants avail the best of services at reasonable costs.

What is Support Coordination?

Support coordination is a service that helps people with disabilities identify and access the services and supports they will need to live as independently as possible. NDIS includes the funding for support coordination under the capacity-building budget so that participants can understand and make the best use of their plan. Under support coordination, the participants can connect to the best NDIS registered providers, plan managers and other supports and avail of their services.

Support Coordination Under the NDIS Plan

The funding for support coordination is under the capacity-building budget of your NDIS plan. If the NDIS feels your request for a support coordinator is essential and reasonable, and the coordinator will be able to provide you with the best disability services in Melbourne, the NDIS will include any 1 among the following levels of support coordination.

Support connection

It's a level 1 support coordination that helps build your capacity and connect with the best NDIS registered providers in Melbourne to get the most from the NDIS Plan.

Support coordination

Level 2 assists the participants in building skills to understand and implement their NDIS Plan. It includes getting a combination of supports to help maintain healthy relationships, get the required services and live independently.

Specialist support coordination

It is a level 3 support that helps people with more complex needs manage daily challenges and gain easy access to allied health professionals such as occupational therapists, psychologists or other similar services.

What Does a Support Coordinator Do?

A support coordinator helps people with disabilities identify and access the needed services and supports to live as independently as possible. The focus is on linking people with appropriate disability services in Melbourne and ensuring that those services coordinate in a way that maximizes each person's independence. In practical terms, a support coordinator will work with an individual in the following ways-

  • Assess the participant's needs.
  • Connect them with the appropriate disability service providers in Melbourne.
  • Work to ensure that those services meet the individual's needs.
  • Provide ongoing case management and monitoring.
  • Ensure that the providers promptly address the changes in the individual's needs.

Who Can Benefit from Support Coordination?

Support coordination can benefit anyone with a disability who needs assistance accessing services and support. It includes children, adults, and seniors. Additionally, support coordinators can work with individuals who have multiple disabilities or who have both physical and developmental disabilities.

How Much Does Support Coordination Cost?

The cost of support coordination varies depending on the specific services. In general, however, most support coordinators work on a fee-for-service basis. It means they charge an hourly rate for the time spent working on an individual's case. Some support coordinators may charge a flat fee for certain services, such as conducting an assessment or linking an individual with service providers.

How Can You Access Support Coordination?

If your NDIS plan has the support coordination funding in the capacity budget, you can find the right coordinator in the following ways-

NDIS My place Portal

Participants will find the provider finder tool in the "my place" portal, where they can discover registered support coordinators near their place. The portal will also showcase the providers of Levels 1, 2 and 3 under the group "Support Connection", "Support Coordination", or "Specialist Support Coordination."

LAC or Early Childhood Partner

The local area coordinator or early childhood partner near your place can also help find a registered support coordinator.

Friends and Family

If someone in your family or friends availed the services of a support coordinator, they could provide you with references with first-hand experience.

You can also approach Ability All Care, a reliable support coordinator who will treat you respectfully and ensure you exercise your choice and control.

Summing Up

A support coordinator can help connect you with the right disability services in Melbourne and will support you in accomplishing your goals and living as independently as possible. If you think support coordination could be helpful for you or someone you know, contact your local disability services office for more information.


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