Everything you need to know before appearing for React training!

React is basically a specialized version of Javascript. So, if you are going to take a course on it,


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Are you an aspiring software developer? Do you dream of designing websites for a living? If yes, you need to know certain software or computer programs that are going to help you for your career.

HTML, CSS and Javascript are three basic computer programs that you need to learn properly if you wish to become a software developer. But what about Reach js?

Is it another tough language that you need to learn or a specialized program that you must know to develop websites at work? Here is everything you need to know about React js training.

What is Javascript?

Javascript is an important programming language that you need to know while developing a website. It is a collection of several libraries that consist of codes. React js is one of these libraries.

Sometimes when you are writing a program for a website, you need to use certain codes repetitively. That is the reason libraries are built. For amateur developers or beginners, these libraries are really helpful.

If you are a beginner, you can check the codes available in the Javascript library and just need to place them accordingly to prepare your code! Hence, knowing React js will definitely help you in your web development task.

Why do you need to learn React?

While using a website or an app, you need to interact with it. For that, lots of options should be there. Now these options, menus, bars, buttons, etc. are prepared with the help of React js. UI or the User interface is the main thing in a website or app for you as a user.

If the UI is not smart or fast enough, you will get bored while surfing the website. Hence preparing a smart and fast UI should be the main priority of a developer. Before React js, there was no smart UI making component available and developers used to prepare UIs with their hands.

As we all know, handmade programs are not fast and smart enough! Those UIs were full of bugs and errors too! Hence the invention of React js changed the bigger picture for good!

How does it help?

React saves your time of building UIs with hands and it also cuts down the chances of making errors and including bugs in the program. But isn’t there anything else that React js serves a developer with? Yes! React js has lots more to offer.

Two main interesting things that React js offers for websites developers are Virtual DOM and JSX. If you are a developer, you know how important and incredible these two features have been for you!

If you never worked in this field of web development, with a proper React js course, you can take your career to a new height!

You must be wondering what Virtual DOM and JSX are?

Well, if you are looking for The complete react native and redux course, these two things will be there in your course. So, let’s check what these are.

Virtual DOM: Say you are using a website, on the welcome page, a scroller can be seen. Pages will change and you will see more options. But if you are not using React js for your webpage development, in the basic HTML, you have to do everything manually.

So, everytime the welcome page changes, the developer needs to do it manually and there will be a lot of time required for this task. But with React js, a Virtual DOM is created and the pages are changed continuously without any manual intervention of the developer!

JSX: Basic HTML documents are required to create a website. The webpages you see while surfing a website are the HTML documents that are available on the HTML library.

Now the developers add more features and random and dynamic information on the website using Javascript extensions. React js is one of the sources through which developers add more features and all customized information to the website.

It helps the website to build its own DOM or Document Object Model. JSX helps you as a user to experience a faster and smarter UI when you open an app.

Do I need to have any skills to learn React js?

React is basically a specialized version of Javascript. So, if you are going to take a course on it, you need to know the basic development languages first. You need to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

If you have basic knowledge of all these, React will be an easy task for you. You do not need to master all the base level languages as you might want to specialize only on React. So spending years after these languages is not necessary. But knowing these languages are really helpful for you as a developer! So, plan accordingly!

End note: Lots of online institutes offer courses on React. You need to go through the reviews first and then choose a website that offers you the best course available in your locality.


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