Everything You Need to Know About Blood Testing

Blood work is another term used for blood testing, and it is a part of regular checkups at a health care company.


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Do you know what blood tests are? Blood tests are a way to examine or measure proteins, chemicals, cells, and other substances in your blood. Blood work is another term used for blood testing, and it is a part of regular checkups at a health care company.

Types of blood tests

There are several types of blood tests, but the most popular ones are complete blood count, basic metabolic panel, blood clotting tests, blood enzyme tests, blood tests to check heart diseases, and many others. Let us know about these in brief.

Complete blood count (CBC): This test measures platelets, haemoglobin, blood cells, and other things. It is usually a part of regular checkups.

Basic metabolic panel: These measure calcium, glucose, and electrolytes.

Blood clotting tests: Commonly referred to as coagulation panel. This tests for disorders related to too much bleeding or clotting.

Blood enzyme tests: These are to figure out your heart condition. Like with this test, one can know whether your heart muscle is ok or damaged and if you had a heart attack.

Blood tests to check heart diseases include triglyceride and cholesterol tests.

Things to know before getting tested

Your blood carries minerals, nutrients, oxygen, and body fluids to other body parts. Here, are a few things that you should know before getting your blood tests done at a healthcare service provider.


Every blood test is different from the other, so, in a few tests, you must follow a proper diet before getting yourself tested.

In some tests, a doctor may ask you not to eat anything, or there are tests in which only specific food items are asked to be avoided before the blood test. Some tests might also demand that the patient should not consume alcohol or anything like that.


Regular checkups might not ask you to stop your medication. At the same time, some tests might demand you to stop your medication for a while.

Because of this, it is suggested to talk to the experts at the healthcare company who will guide you for the same.

What blood tests can detect?

Blood tests are done to detect several problems in your body. They can detect various things, and some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Anaemia
  2. Inflammation
  3. Clotting issues
  4. Disorders
  5. Immune system problem
  6. Infection

Where to get your blood tests done?

Do you want to get a blood test done? Don't worry; you can enjoy the services at your home. Wondering how? Livlong offers services like lab tests and doctor consultations in your comfort zone.

This healthcare company has 600+ doctors, 30+ NABL Accredited Lab Partners, and 1.5 lacs+ satisfied customers. You can download the Livlong app from Google play and seek a wide range of lab tests across India.

The company tries to cover all your test needs, with your Convenience being the top priority. You can choose blood test packages such as basic full-body checkups, advanced full-body checkups (for males, females, and couples), RT PCR tests, detailed iron studies, and advanced diabetes profile tests. Other tests available at Livlong are detailed thyroid test, advanced anaemia, detailed cardiac risk marker, advanced PCOD, comprehensive CBC, comprehensive fever, complicated malaria, and detailed typhoid.

The online diagnostic lab has made things much easier. You can easily book your test through the LivLong app.

All you need to do is download the app and select the service you are looking for. After that, you need to choose which blood test you want; then, basic information will be asked, so you need to fill in that. Then verify the OTP, choose a payment mode, and proceed to make the payment. When you are done with the payment, you will receive a call from the company's executive, who will help you out with the other process.

Isn't it easy to get your lab test online? It is, right? So, book your slot at LivLong to receive an accurate and quick test report.


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