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Evolution of Music

From the iPod to Spotify, from Rap to EDM, and from Snoop Dogg to Badshah, Music has come a long way. Do we still love music? After all this time? Always!


Aman Arora

3 months ago | 3 min read


Ooh, ooh, and she's buying a stairway to heaven
Kehndi hondi si Chaand tak raah bana de

Doesn’t quite have the same to ring to it, does it? You have evolved with time and so has the music that you listen to. From “Uff Teri Ada” to “Nakhra tera ni High Rated Gabru nu maare” and from “You can put the blame on me” to “Put your head on my shoulder”, I guess we all grew up. And no, muttering “Okay, Boomer” while reading this with a sigh was not cool.

I have always been big on memes, trying my hand at making one every now and then during my almost entirely online MBA after COVID. She kept saying “Haha you’re so funny”, and the guileless goose that I am, I kept mistaking her sarcasm for compliments and blushed every time. Call A-man funny and you make his day, even if he knows his memes are average at best. The thing is, isn’t that what music has become today though? A wannabe viral meme? The pop charts today are decided on the basis of what the latest trend on Tiktok is. Or Instagram reels, if you are in India or a country where Tiktok is thankfully banned. No one, even a boomer as skeptical as I am, can deny that the Reels music is indeed extremely catchy. It is what gets you grooving at clubs after you and your friends have had three shots each in one go. Because that is the purpose dancing to music serves for us, isn’t it? Uniting us all when we groove and shimmy in perfect rhythm. And this can’t happen if you aren’t familiar with both the music and the dance steps, which, thanks to Reels today, you are.

The truth is that no one likes change. And every generation would always say that the music they listened to during their teenage years is superior to what the hit singles of today are. My mother said this, I say the same, and so will my neighbour’s children. Why not my own? Will I raise them to be extremely advanced empathetic beings who can accept others’ tastes without feeling the need to always put their own on top? Umm, No. I just really hate kids. Won’t be having any. Sorry.

Along with the kind of music that we listen to, what has also changed is how we consume music. was a name familiar to every kid back in the 2000s. Downloading our favourite song and transferring it to our parents’ phones using a USB data cable was a tedious albeit rewarding routine. The rich kids had an iPod but the process was pretty much the same nonetheless. Today, we listen to music in between ads on Spotify. The ads annoy me a lot, so much so that I feel like ripping my arm off just so I have something to throw at the Spotify Premium lady. I can buy a jacket for 4k but forty rupees a month to avoid ads? Can the treasury bear such expense?

I’m fine with all types of music that musicians today put out and what we, including me, listen to. But a crime upon humanity that many artists commit is when they come out with remakes. No offense to the Kakkar family but seriously, there’s no need to ruin decent music from decades past with electronic beats and forced raps. Please stop. Even a song as evergreen as Ishq Tera Tadpave, which transcends time and also, humans’ comprehension of words because everyone basically dances to a sad song without caring, was remixed recently. It was fine the way it was. Let it be.

Whatever your poison is, the fact is that music will always take you back. Whether it’s to your high school breakup, to your last booze filled party with your friends on campus, or just to a tunnel you wish to go to in order to forget about your rage or sadness for a while. Memories are too important. And every song that you cling to, you associate a memory with people whom you loved. They become ghosts inside of you. That’s how you are keeping them alive.

My playlist goes all the way from Watermelon Sugar to Tum Se Hi in a matter of seconds. What are you playing next after the 32 ads on Spotify get over?


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