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Evolution of Music

Evolution of music has certainly changed the world.From being traditional to modern times, music has changed to a great extent and it has changed people's mindset.


Shivam Agarwal Student, Jaipuria Lucknow

3 months ago | 1 min read


Music has been always been around us, from being in the old times to generations to come, it has always been there.

It does not always matter what the genre belong to, appreciation has been always given to the individual liking.

From being old times, talking about 1920s , it was all about the dance bands, after the First World War crippled the world, because a person's music taste could never be controlled by any war. During the Great Depression to upbeat a genre unveiled ‘POP’ resembling hardships.As the world remained busy with war stuff , many artists placed their efforts in lessening their hardships to motivate and keep their morale up.

1950s saw some changes in music industry and with the coming of social changes , Rock n Roll became something very distinct back then.During the 1960s music was evolving with the coming of sub-rock categories like Progressive rock etc.1970s saw the advent of Disco and instantly became the trendiest trends back then, people would groove over the music and flee and flow their feet out of joy.

1980s was the time of Musical Television and something that has been never introduced.Recording songs, more clarity were welcomed with open hands and were dominated by superstar singers and also a plethora of unreleased songs gained massive popularity after conversion to studio-recorded songs.

21st century emerged and traditional music changed forever to many other artists and production houses coming in merging with various artists and with new music directors giving more new themes of music, fresh approach was made for new consumers and many artists stealing the show with powerful performances. 21st century realized new potentials which performed on YOUTUBE .

Journey of music has changed to a great extent in this whole world.

People have started the journey of these series evolution has been exceptional. From being traditional to modernization , evolution of music has certainly come to a large extent.


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Shivam Agarwal Student, Jaipuria Lucknow








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