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You can easily prepare the EXIN Blockchain Foundation exam through Passcert EXIN Blockchain Foundation BLOCKCHAINF Exam Dumps, which can help you to pass your BLOCKCHAINF exam with ease.  Their EXIN Blockchain Foundation BLOCKCHAINF Exam Dumps contain all the topics and the questions that will be asked in the real BLOCKCHAINF exam. The EXIN Blockchain Foundation BLOCKCHAINF Exam Dumps guarantee 100% success in an exam as it consists of quality questions and answers related to EXIN Blockchain Foundation exam. Make sure you use Passcert EXIN Blockchain Foundation BLOCKCHAINF Exam Dumps multiple times to ensure your final success.

EXIN Blockchain Foundation

The EXIN Blockchain Foundation certification validates a professional’s knowledge about blockchain as a ledger with potential as a worldwide decentralized record for the registration, inventory, and transfer of assets. The certification covers the basic concepts of blockchain, the potential fields of application, the potential value for the organization and the technology driving the blockchain. EXIN Blockchain Foundation looks at more detailed information about additional blockchain elements including cryptography, private and public keys, hashes and consensus algorithms.
This certification is tailored to professionals in both business and IT who have, or aim to have, a professional role in blockchain as a cryptographic and smart contract solution.

Exam Details

Duration: 01 hourNumber of Questions: 40 (Multiple Choice)Pass mark: 65%Open book: NoLevel: FoundationECTS Credits: 2Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese

Main subjects

Blockchain BasicsBlockchain ChallengesApplications of a BlockchainBlockchain Innovations      

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1. Who can read records on a public Blockchain?A.Everyone on the BlockchainB.No oneC.Only the creatorD.The users with access permissionsE.None of the aboveAnswer: A
2. The height of a block is the______________ in the chain between it and the genesis block.A.metadata that isB.number of blocksC.Merkle tree hashD.size of the memory cacheAnswer: B
3. Which of the following problems did Blockchain solve for cryptocurrencies?A.AnonymityB.Double SpendingC.Destination of currenciesD.None of the aboveAnswer: A
4. Which of the following are practical use cases for Blockchain?A.VotingB.A video sharing websiteC.Medical recordsD.Identity managementE.All of the aboveAnswer: E
5. Blockchains are being implemented in the food supply chain because_____________.A.consumers demand to know where their food comes allows farm to table accountability for safetyC.they have the potential to provide fast, specific supplier prevents food waste if a food contamination problem occursE.All of the aboveAnswer: E
6. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is__________.A.another application that runs on a BlockchainB.the same as all other cryptocurrenciesC.replacing bartering in many parts of the worldD.a replacement currency for the U.S. dollarAnswer: A


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