The Other "F" Word.

This is an attempt to raise awareness on the issue of Body Shaming ,sadly which is generally ignored


Prakhar Singh

2 years ago | 2 min read

Body shaming as the name suggests is shaming someone for their body shape and body size. It is a term coined not so long ago, but body shaming in practice has existed for a very long time.

People have a definite notion of "beauty" striving so hard to define the colour of skin, length of hair, clothes to wear. Every other person is too fat, too short, too dark for society meanwhile what they don't understand is defining how a person look has its repercussions that are not even realised in everyday life.

Both men and women are body shamed but according to a study (2016), women report palpable behaviours but men start to report more confident as they age.


What people don't understand is that derision based on looks stems from a problem of their outlook and perspective.
Body shaming may also affect the body-shamer along with the person being body-shamed, not to mention all the darker side of body-shaming like depression, anxiety, low confidence the body-shamer may also end up criticising his/her own appearance and have trouble accepting their own body for what it is.


Body shaming has been reported to lead to eating disorders like anorexia where a person starves themselves obsessively to lose weight if they are too fat.
Some other types of disorder are Bulimia, Binge eating disorder, Purging disorder etc, each having its own menacing outcome.


Enter body shaming and all the possible ways in which it wields the need for beauty as if aesthetics were prerequisite to earning yourself respect and dignity.

Today like never before we find the number of body-shamers amassing a growing arsenal for whom the incumbent nature of body shaming is as necessary as any other vital activity for livelihood. All these palpable derision do not exist in their boundaries but are fed and air-brushed everywhere whether it be internet or the movies we watch.

A saddening fact undoubtedly. So, what can we change? In a world that is not going to stop judging people for how they look one must stand tall, except for how they are and spread awareness, people have been doing it for a while now, I particularly like how the American businesswomen particularly know for her tenure in Hewlett- Packard, "Carly Fiorina" takes a stand against body shaming.

Not only the virtual onslaught of negativity but there are many other ways to fight it.
But first what has to happen is the level of understanding within yourself because at the end of the day what you can do best is educate yourself. Always redefine what beauty is to you so you don't fall prey of the insouciance of society.


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