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It's been almost a decade now, I have stepped from home. It was back in 2012 when I have taken the decision. And it was really a nice decision. I would love to share some special moments and experiences. These really help me in taking decision of becoming a user experience designer and how to have empathy with the users, understand your different target audience, how to build a balance and much more.

How does stepping out from home help me to discover new experiences?

How confident you are but when you stepped out of home? Do you also have some sense of fear?
Have you ever thought, what time of fear are these. 😊
I will recommend you don't take them as fear but think of them as challenges. Life throws on you a lot of challenges. When you deal with those challenges, you discover new experiences, new problems.

So I would like to share some of the great experiences with you.

Meeting people from different states…..helps me widen my thoughts…..get to know their culture
I get to hear a lot of voices in a different language when I enter into the NID. A different perspective, different cultures, different traditions, got to know people with awesome skills, got inspired from them to get myself to that level in my further career. Also, laugh a lot when some people just want to manipulate your decisions.

Used to go with my friends early morning to the law garden to have Poha and chai which was very famous. Whenever we want to do some research, we usually decided to do it in the morning, so that we can hear the chirpy sounds of some migratory birds in the morning which we rarely used to see.

NID backfields were famous to do play football, gazing at the stars and if anyone wants to make something special, they can use the junkyard without anyone's permission.

Never seem such cooperative wardens anywhere as I had in NID. They help in giving the best room, making us more comfortable, a small complaint from anyone and they will be ready with strict actions. Sometimes, got a chance to have home food from their side.

Nautanki….the street play…..helps me to laugh to another level
When I was in NID, there was one street play called Nautanki. I used to watch it every year. I can see many challenges as it doesn't match my personality at that time but I want to explore them anyhow.
I went to my senior and asked him to let me try some roles for the coming play. It was an awesome experience to read such a big script and then to remember some with some mirch masala. I really don't know how to add that factor at that point in time.😛

But a lot of practice with my friends. They used to crack jokes. But I never mind, when you start something new, it happens.

I can really say that I discover some new personality in me. I started laughing a lot. I used to have a lot of pain in my head, it just vanishes. I started cracking some real-life challenges very seamlessly.
But now I have become an expert in the same.

Garbha….builds in confidence and energy….and how to love me more
Navratri starts and the institute colour just change. You will never see such a beautiful and organised way of celebrating a garbha. Different institutes used to come to NID to celebrate Garbha. Knowing each other, dancing on the beats of the music with diyas in hand.

To know more about NID, either you can dm me or just book a flight to Ahmedabad. :)

How does stepping out from the country help me to discover a new world?

It was 2019, I have never flown from one country to another. Seems like another challenge but also seems very excited. A lot of research needs to be done. It was going to be the girls trip only and this trip was to Bali.

Need to plan a lot. Making an itinerary for it. And when we decided that it should be a girl's trip, it was another challenge to convince the parents.

But after this pre-prep, fixing the itinerary, we finally start looking for the guide who can help us in roaming in Bali with the places we want and we got one.

The day comes when we have to board our first international flight. We all were very excited but also scared. We have to enjoy each and every moment and all challenges.

I have seen turtles, did snorkelling, scuba diving, did trek, went into the deep sea to see Manta raise, sitting beside the beach all night and seeing my friend singing, moving from one island to another and much more. We just cover these in 5 days.

How does stepping out from one city to another help me to discover new opportunities and places?

It was 2015, when it's time to go out for the graduation project. I was getting an opportunity at Bangalore and I just got my leg fractured. What to choose between both? Rest or just start my internship.

What do you think of Bangalore?
I preferred to go to Bangalore and just started my internship. I got nice guidance and care. My office space was also on the first floor. People were very cooperative. Bangalore city gives you a different vibe. People are ready to help. Kormangala is a hub where you can get a variety of food with a variety of budgets. Very few places to visit over the weekend but had awesome trips to the places around. I will never forget Bangalore traffic and its traffic lights every 1km.
I really like the big trees, covering the roads and different flowers blooming. It seems very beautiful when you move from one end of the road to another. Also on another hand, I had a lot of friends in Bangalore.

What do you think of Noida?
Where under every metro station, you will have momos wala with n variety of momos. I have very few friends in Noida. Also, no places to visit except Akshardham which is also at the point of entering Delhi.
I remember the Murthal trips. Those were the best one. Sudden plans, car riding, parathas on that silent road.

What do you think of Mumbai?
Mumbai is literally the city of people who build and keep trust. The city which never sleeps and don't let you sleep. City where I lose my 24kgs weight. The city gives me the confidence and support I always looking for.
I still love to travel to Mumbai whenever possible whether it's work-related or meeting some old and awesome friends. The crowd is there but that helps you whenever required and supports you at any given point in time.

How does stepping out from my daily routine help me to discover new relations?

It is really important to get out of your daily routine and see some days differently.
Just like we are on a heath mission where we would like to reduce weight but the body itself gets saturated. So, one cheat day will help the body to get a break from the daily routine and it's a good factor.

Similarly, changing your daily routine is also important sometimes. It is recommended to not do everything every day. If you have responsibilities for 7projects, you need not have to do all the projects in a day. Set out your priorities. It is very essential.

Take out time to talk to people, get their perceptions, some viewpoints around it, you will definitely discover new things, new aims and get to know more about the places, different systems evolving etc. Your ladder of dreams might also expand when you explore more around it.

There is a lot to share. You will be hearing more from me in my coming articles about experiences.
So stay tuned to know more about how you can mould your life your way and keep yourself happy with great support from your gurujis and near & dear ones.


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