If I factory reset my phone, will I have to reactivate it?

Sometimes, you have to reset our phone in order to make it function faster and smoothly.


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Sometimes, you have to reset our phone in order to make it function faster and smoothly. Or if you want to sell your phone or give it for repair. Most of us don’t know all the ins and out of this process and the question emerge in mind of everyone that if I factory reset my phone, will I have to reactivate it ?, So here we will answer your question and talk about all the useful and interesting information about the Phone factory reset

1. What happens if I do a factory reset to my iPhone?

a. Reset All Settings:

When You hit the button of “Factory reset” on your iPhone, All the data and settings will be erased from your phone and it will reset all your iPhone settings to factory settings again.

b. Erase all content and settings:

When we use the word “factory Reset ”, it means after pressing on you are erasing all the content including your contacts, apps, phone calls, notes, appointments and any other data and settings that you may have stored on your iPhone.

The Smarter and healthier approach before resetting iPhone is to back up your data to iTunes or iCloud.

c. Other Reset Options:

To avoid this question of if I factory reset my phone, will I have to reactivate it? , there are other Reset options that might come handy if you don’t want to delete all the data

· Reset all settings: This option helps to delete all settings and not any data from your iPhone

· Reset Network Settings: This Option helps in resetting network setting that include user name or passwords for networks

· Reset Home Screen Layout: This option helps in reset home screen and all default groups of apps.

· Reset Keyboard Dictionary: If your autocorrect has been bothering you lately, you can reset it through this option

· Reset Location and Privacy: If you don’t want to allow apps to use your location, this option might come handy.

2. Have you enabled your Find My Device feature?

a. if Find My iPhone features is enabled - yes, you need to activate:

If during the factory reset, Find my iPhone feature is enabled then you need to activate this feature again in order to use it.

b. if Find My iPhone features is disabled - no:

If “find my iPhone “ feature is disabled that you don’t need to activate it after the factory reset.

3. Will you have to reactivate with the SIM card?

Now the question appears about the SIM CARD that If I factory reset my phone will I have to reactivate it (Sim card)? The answer to this question is NO you don’t need to reactivate the SIM card after the factory reset, it would not affect the activation status of the SIM. In fact, resetting your iPhone will not affect your SIM card in any way.

You may want to Know

1. How do I do a factory reset to my iPhone?

Before factory resetting your iphone, please make sure to backup all of your data to iCloud or iTunes to save yourself from loss of data and all personal information. Now to factory reset your phone, follow these steps:

· Tap Settings then go to General, now Scroll down until you see Reset

· Tap on Erase all content and setting

· Enter the passcode if you have set any

· Enter Apple ID and password so the account can be removed from the Phone and Find my device could be turned off

· The process will take a while and then welcome Screen will appear

2. What are the benefits of a factory reset?

By resetting your phone to factory Reset, the following benefits can be achieved:

· Phone can perform faster and better

· More free space will be available on a memory

· Your phone will be super smooth

· It can fix Operating system issue and major errors

· If you want to sell or repair your phone, resetting can save your personal data from being stolen and from misuse

3. Is the factory reset enough for my iPhone?

When you want to erase all the data from your phone then “Erase all content and setting” is the secure option, it wipes all data from the phone.

4. Does a factory reset delete everything?

Yes, the factory reset deletes all the settings and information from your phone. and the phone will be restored to its factory settings.

5. Does resetting the iPhone delete my number?

Factory resetting will not delete your number. In fact, it will not affect your sim card in any way and all the information stored on the sim card will be intact.

6. Will a factory reset affect my SIM card?

Again if you have a question in your mind if I factory reset my phone, will I have to reactivate it (SIM CARD)? The answer to your question is: NO! your SIM CARD will not be affected in any way.

A better way to reset your iPhone use iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser

a. General Information:

Since the resetting will not overwrite your personal data So there are chances that this data can be recovered. But there are better options like using iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data will make you're resetting more secure:

b. Features:

· Helps in completely erasing all data and result in making a new iPhone

· Finds already deleted files and make sure to erase them

· Scan the existence of personal data and then erase it

· Cleans up junk files, cookies, caches and corrupt files

c. Steps :

With this software, only three steps are required to permanently erase all the data

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer and connect your iPhone also.

Step2: Go to the tab “Erase All Data” and click “Erase” button

Step 3: Type “Delete ” and hit “Erase Now” to start the process

And it is all done.

Conclusion :

Resetting your iPhone can be beneficial in a lot of aspects like securing your data from being stolen or making your iPhone super smooth and error-free. Make Sure to Backup your data and then Reset the iPhone so your personal data is all safe and can be used later. Hopefully, this article answered all the question related to if I factory reset my phone, will I have to reactivate it and its all pros and cons.


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