Facts You Should Know When Resolving “QuickBooks Error H202”

QuickBooks Error H202


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QuickBooks is an accounting application that enables users to manage their finances for their business. It is aimed at increasing productivity & enhances efficiency for a seamless experience. It sports a user-friendly interface for the users to make the most out of QuickBooks. Though, a user experiences downtime due to problematic software glitches that arise from time to time. The “QuickBooks Error H202” error code triggers on the computer screen while a user toggles from single-user to multi-user mode. There are a ton of other reasons why the error ends up on the user’s screen; the primary cause is that there might be a program or service preventing access between the workstation and server PC. All other causes and the methods to fix the error are mentioned in further topics of the post.

On the other hand, the “QuickBooks Error H202” is a multi-user mode error that can be obviated using the solutions provided in the blog. Notwithstanding, if there are relevant queries to be asked, you may call on the toll-free number 1-(855)-856-0042 for technical help.

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Grounds on which the “QuickBooks Error H202” occurs

1. Inaccurately configured or improper host settings on the user’s PC.

2. Insufficient folder permissions for access from the workstation; elevated permissions required due to denial of access on multi-user.

3. The QuickBooks Database Server Manager isn’t working up to the mark.

4. Important QuickBooks services which are mandatory are halted due to interruption by other local services.

5. An improperly configured firewall program obstructing QuickBooks services.

Preventive remedies to get rid of “QuickBooks Error H202”

Solution-1: Configuring Firewall Settings for excluding the QuickBooks programs

1. Close ‘QuickBooks’. Go to the ‘Start Menu’ or hit the windows start key on the keyboard.

2. Type ‘Windows Firewall’ in the search field. A window with the title ‘Windows Firewall’ appears on the screen.

3. Choose the option ‘Advanced Settings’ in the window. Create a new rule inside Inbound Rules by pressing the right mouse button over ‘Inbound Rules.’

4. Click ‘Program’, go to ‘Next’ to proceed.

5. Choose ‘This Program Path’ then click ‘Browse’ to locate the QuickBooks programs you need to add to the exclusion list.

6. Make sure to choose only the executable programs (.exe), click ‘Next’ when done.

7. Click ‘Allow the Connection’, then ‘Next’ to proceed with the operation.

8. In case you have displayed the profiles, tick mark all profiles. Choose ‘Next’ to confirm.

9. You need to enter a name for the rule created. For instance, ‘QuickBooksException(namehere.exe).’

If the above doesn’t work check the workstation’s internet connection with the help of the ping feature in Windows by typing ping[server name] in the command prompt console window, then hitting the ‘Enter’ key.

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We conclude the blog. We hope that our written post on the topic “QuickBooks Error H202” will help our users a great deal to grasp basic info about the error code and will be able to follow the helpful post to weed out the error at once. We tried our best in responding to our user’s queries in the best way we can. Notwithstanding, if you see similar issues which you are unable to resolve, you shall call on the toll-free number 1-(855)-856-0042 for better technical assistance.

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