Your Greatest Potential Is To Be Found Where You Have Never Been

We are in one of those periods in human evolution when we are being called to follow our greatest potential. Put simply, it is change or die! Should you be feeling stuck or unfulfilled in any aspect of your life, you must be willing to set energy in motion. Needing to take action by simply beginning. Uranus being retrograde in Taurus is going to enable change in all Taurus rules - including global financial institutions, currencies, and environmentalism. Change starts with crazy ideas!


Gregory Reece-Smith

2 years ago | 6 min read

It will motivate you to create the life of your dreams

We are in one of those periods in human evolution when we are being called to follow our greatest potential. Put simply, it is change or die!

Should you be feeling stuck or unfulfilled in any aspect of your life, you must be willing to set energy in motion.

We need to take action by simply beginning. Maybe you have a tendency to wait until you know how to express or do something before you start. Probably we all did that growing up, later becoming known as procrastination!

Perhaps you feel you simply do not know enough? Or, you are not capable enough? Or, lastly, not worthy enough to live the life you desire?

Discover What You Have Not Experienced

Several of the major planetary influencers are looking backward to what we know we have experienced. This is not going to help us embrace and align with the new possibilities emerging. This is true for all aspects of your life – relationships, career, accelerating your business or starting it.

Two of the dominant astrological aspects of the last two to three years are moving together again. They both are about acknowledging the past in order to create the future. The influence of Uranus awakening us to invent new ways personally and collectively to physically survive and thrive.

Overseeing these are several longer-term cycles, one of which is being at the beginning of the 2000-year Age of Aquarius.

The energy of Aquarius reminds us that moving forward just might mean stepping into something that has not yet occurred to us. Those answers can only be discovered by stepping into the unknown, where you have never been before.

We are being encouraged to head in a direction which gives us joy. One which uses our unique abilities, gifts and skills – our genius to create something new.

To find these my suggestion is to start with Dan Sullivan´s advice in his article on starting a business:

“From my own experience, I’d say that as an aspiring entrepreneur, look to your childhood for clues to things you were passionate about and that came easily to you — your natural talents.”

Once you do you will find you are at the point where the new structure, the new paradigm you create provides firm ground to step on.

However, as this is a freewill Universe, we must initiate action in order to create the beauty and healing we desire. That is when we begin to heal our past trauma.

Allow Moments for Inspiration and Insight

In doing so we will be helped by Jupiter going direct on 23rd November. Less than one month later, it re-enters Aries. The zodiac sign associated with motivation, intensity, raw passion, and fearless independence. Until mid-May 2023 its influence will be to encourage you in your business/career activities to attend to your needs for self-direction, self-expression, and initiative.

Rallying behind your greatest desires and beliefs, eager to show the world your true sense of power. Giving you the motivation to create the life of your dreams.

Uranus meanwhile is wanting us to branch out and consider new and improved or progressive ways of doing business. The mists obscuring your way forward will be clearing as we reach the end of 2022.

In this I am reminded of an email from Mindvalley´s founder – Vishen Lakhiani. In it he referred to a speech he was giving on this is the moment “to abolish the long-expired broken model of work, which has been largely unchanged since the early 20th century – and invent a new paradigm.” The lockdowns adding more emphasis to this process!

Until 22nd January 2023 Uranus is also retrograde. Giving you the opportunity to consider how best to reset an area of your life and step even more assertively into your sense of self. And come January, you could find yourself immeasurably stronger, centred, and more self-aware.

Uranus being retrograde in Taurus is going to enable change with less disruption. Yes, leaving the status quo, though making it easier to shift your mind set about change. All Taurus rules will vastly be affected, including global financial institutions, global currencies, and environmentalism. Uranus´ influence on Earthy Taurus continues until the end of April 2026.

Express Yourself Clearly to Fulfil Your Greatest Potential

Looking backward, to what you know, your experiences are not going to help you embrace and align with the new possibilities. Instead contemplate the future you want to create, the one where your greatest potential lies.

When you imagine what you want, you begin the process of creation, manifestation. Change starts with what we believe to be crazy ideas. Allow yourself to dream outside the box of your experiences and be open to new possibilities!

Remind yourself it is your life you are creating with a structure that suits you, not one imposed on you. Then you are accepting responsibility to take the initiative to generate the outcome your soul desires, your greatest potential. It is your choice as to its exact form.

For we are in the age of awakening, the Aquarian age. Shifting humanity into a high vibrational acceptance of who we are, enhancing our confidence to take action, making it visible to ourselves.

One way to provide your Lifeguard, your unconscious mind with new experiences is to connect your vision with strong, positive emotions whilst you picture it in your mind or explore its sense.

Allow feelings of love, joy, gratitude, and peace to flow through you as you experience them.

Your unconscious mind, your Lifeguard will absorb the messages as an experience. Helping to create the new comfort zone to be replayed later.

This requires you first open yourself to your own intuition. Opening that internal relationship so you are listening to its guidance rather than being caught in the drama triangles of your past. No matter whether this life, other lives or ancestral.

All are reflected in the critical inner voice of our Lifeguard guiding us to not do something because…..

Complementing Your Greatest Potential

I have also been reminding people the words we use are an essential part of making the change to living to our greatest potential. Define yourself how you want to be, by saying you are. That directs your unconscious mind to find the positive. The powerful. The truth! And hold your focus!

The life you desire is not created by if, buts, perhaps and maybes! Never, “Perhaps it will happen,” rather, “It is happening”.

Not, “I don’t know,” ratherI know”.

Never, “I will start my business/project”, rather “I have started my business/project”.

Neural science and Spirit both indicate the answer is to rejoice in what you enjoy in life. Then you attract more. The more you focus on and talk about what you do not enjoy or cannot do, the more you will attract.

At a full moon the sun and moon are opposite each other. The coming full moon in Pisces on 10th September occurs when the Sun is in Virgo. The Pisces-Virgo axis deals with balance between vision, spiritual health, dis-order, and the infinite (Pisces) and day-to-day functions and routines, physical health, and the need for order (Virgo).

Live To Your Greatest Potential To Help Ride Out The Storms

Harmonised with Uranus, this full moon suggests an easier, more natural acceptance of change and progress. A moment to nourish your body, mind, and soul as Pisces will be highlighting our intuition.

The call of Virgo is to cure cultural ills. It also seeks to bring our attention to detail and critical insight to the sense of service relating to its call. The objective being to re-introduce standards of ethics, quality and nobility into our culture. I can hear many say – “about time!”.

This period is also assisting us to become financially independent. To be less vulnerable to the whims of financial systems. Less the “good consumer” and more the sovereign citizen. Another of the structural changes currently underway for us all.

Your greatest potential lies beyond the existing horizon of what you think is possible. Open to your intuition and trust your inner wisdom to lead you to your greatest potential.

The rest of 2022 and into 2023 will remain tumultuous with unforeseen changes continuing to re-structure our lives. Hence, why it is essential your intention is to remain focused on what you can control. Whilst holding to the seeming paradox of being creative and open to new ideas.

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To Living To Your Greatest Potential


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