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Reading a book in a comfortable setting while the rain is falling outside is one of my quintessential fall activities. Here are 5 book recommendations with the perfect mood for the coziest moments of the season.


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The change of seasons brings with it a new school year, traditional festivities, and a chance to wear warmer clothes you neglect during the warm summer months. Hopefully, the fall can also inspire you to read. As the weather gets colder and rainier, the more inviting it is to settle in a cozy nook with a warm drink and a good book. Not sure what to pick up? No worry: I've listed a few of my favorite novels to enjoy on these occasions.

The Secret History / The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Donna Tartt's works can be considered modern classics. Beautiful writing with complex characters and interesting setups, they make the cut easily. With their dark academia vibes they're just perfect for the season. I'd recommend these especially for readers who enjoy classics, pondering morality or enjoy reading about internal conflict within groups or individuals.

The Secret History tells the story of classics students in an elite New England college, as they make their way through their studies while also being heinously lacking in morality. The story takes the reader on an exploration of morality, paranoia, and betrayal through the narration of Richard Papen as he is introduced to the small world of the five other classics students.

The Goldfinch, similarly to The Secret History, paints a portrait of a character succumbing to the torments of life, this time through the story of Theo Decker, who loses his mother at the age of thirteen. Our main character grows into a troubled man amidst longing and alienation with his only reminder of his mother pulling him towards the criminal underworld.

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

To be earnest, this story takes place during the summer, as the setting is the Ramsay family's and their guests holiday on the Isle of Skye. However, the narrative is full of tension and expectation that doesn't feel light or summery in the slightest, making it, in my view, a great read for the time inbetween summer and fall, where days are sunny yet cool, and the knowledge of the upcoming season of responsibilities is hanging in the air.

In short, To the Lighthouse tells of the dynamics between the members on the holiday, the Ramsay family and their guests. The narrative constructs various familial tensions that are represented by the dispute about going to the lighthouse. The story has low stakes, but is full of brewing discontentment and complexity.

Bunny by Mona Awad

We're returning to the college setting, incidentally in New England once again. This time the highly selective program doesn't revolve around the classics, but creative writing. Samantha Heather Mackey is excluded by her peers, a clique who collectively call each other Bunny, until the invitation to join their “Smut Salon” arrives. Samantha is promptly sucked in to the bizarre world of the Bunnies, and the story gets progressively more unhinged as it goes along.

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

If you're a fan of mysteries, this is a great choice for you. In The Last Thing He Told Me Hannah Hall's husband, Owen Michaels, goes missing after the startup he has been working for gets in hot water for scamming it's shareholders and investors. Owen's last message impels Hannah to protect his daughter Bailey. Hannah swears to do just that, despite her rocky relationship with Bailey. The duo is forced to face their uncomfortable dynamic as well as Owen's previously unknown past as they try to get to the bottom of what has happened.

Hard Times by Charles Dickens

Set in a grey, industrial town of Cokeworth, England, in the 1840's, this classic is ruthless in its commentary on capitalism, utilitarianism and the then-prevailing outlook on the duties of children. The mood, the wretchedness and the satirical potrait of society make this my favorite work from Dickens, and at the same time the perfect choice for the rainy, cooling weathers associated with this season.

I'm very excited for the upcoming fall, I have a feeling it's going to be great! I'm personally planning on reading a lot of books. Hopefully some of my suggestions inspire you to do that, too!


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