How Far Can Despair and Depression Take a Victim of Child Sexual Abuse?

Tautoko Mai


Tautoko Mai

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Depression and despair are two emotional conditions that can totally break apart the life and future of a victim of child sexual abuse. The question of how far can victims go in inflicting pain onto themselves is quite difficult to deal with but no matter how harsh the truth is, we have to know it to prevent it from happening again. sexually assaulted Tauranga

Depression is the totality of negative feelings victims feel as a consequence of the sexual abuse they received as a child. While most of the signs of depression do not surface right after the experience, there's always a great chance that the same will manifest as the victims grow older.

The reason why most child sexual abuse survivors feel depressed and despaired is because they failed to deal with it before. Most of them choose to keep the experience to themselves for the fear of retaliation, embarrassment, and shame. They were able to live a life of denial - secretly hiding the fact that they have been truly hurt, both physically and mentally. By not getting any help from other people including family and experts, they unknowingly build up several negative attitudes and behavior. sexual abuse hamilton

In a short period of time, victims begin to realize that they need help. However, the hope of recovering and healing seemed to be unfeasible anymore considering that a great amount of time has passed. And because of that, the only thing that they can practically do is get depressed. As they suffer from a great amount of despair and hopelessness, they realize that their lives are not worth it.

There are several reasons why children fail or just avoid dealing with the sexual abuse at the very time it happened. As a natural way of responding to the traumatic experience, they may elect to keep it a secret because of certain emotions such as disbelief and shame. As much as they want to, they seem to be totally hesitant in asking for help since disclosing it may very well worsen what they already feel. sexual assault hamilton

As the worse comes to worst, a deep level of depression and despair can finally result to self-inflicted injury and physical symptoms. We know for a fact that there are several effects of child sexual abuse. Some are minor while most result to major long term medical and psychological consequences. For instance, severe cases of depression and despair can lead to eating disorders, panic attacks, substance and alcohol abuse, personality and behavioral problems, and even suicidal tendencies. abused sexual hamilton

Now if any of these effects surface, there's a good chance that the victims' health and life are put risk. At this point, it is very sad and unfortunate to see that they suffer the most, considering that they should've been taken care of right after the sexual abuse happened. So if we ask ourselves again, how far can a victim go with the feeling of despair and desperation? At this particular type of condition, they may be capable of hurting, much more, killing themselves.


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