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Artificial intelligence is an advanced technology created by humans and for humans.



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Me: Hey Mom, I am leaving now. I will give you a call once I reach CST Station in 8 hours.

Mom: Are you crazy?? It would take only 2 hours to reach there.

Me: But I would be going by bullock-cart. So it might take more than 8 hours as well.

(Mom totally shocked and confused !!!)

One might be wondering that in the age of 21st century, when we have so many good transport facilities such as cab, trains, buses, autos, etc., why is this girl thinking of hiring a bullock-cart for transport !!!🤔

But there was a time when people travelled from one place to other in bullock-cart, horses(tanga), haath-rickshaws, etc., many of which are no longer in use today and have become redundant. Just imagine, if great scholars in the field of science and technology would have not come up with innovative and easier medium of transport then even today we would have continued using those less efficient modes for travelling. In the present moment, reaching any venue is just a matter of a few minutes or hours. Not only transportation but one can even consider means of communication. The world has evolved from an age of letter writing and postcards to a more developed age of chatting on mobiles and sending emails. Our grandmoms used to painstakingly grind spices manually before the invent of electric blenders. Prior to the advent of the textile industry, cotton seeds were removed from fibres by hand which was time-consuming. The machines improved the profitability of farmers as it made the entire process quick and effective.

Thus, something developed to increase the efficiency of any current system is a boon to the human race and not threat.

“Necessity is the mother of Invention.”

The famous quote known by all, holds true even today.

From Google Assistant, Siri to self-driving cars, the impact of Artificial Intelligence is progressing rapidly. It has undoubtedly, made our life easier and luxurious. Could anyone have ever conceptualized around 100 years ago that our day to day tasks would be accomplished by an electronic device that too through our voice commands!!! Shopping at our convenience by sitting on the couch of our living room and browsing through the recommendations suggested by the app has made everything so accessible and smooth at the tip of our fingers…

Technology is an ever-evolving sphere and will always make strides for the betterment of mankind. Why do we need to fear it??

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI, as it is usually termed, in simple words, is:

1) Feeding a machine with loads of data.

2) Finding out a relevant pattern from that heap of data.

3) Teaching the machine to understand that pattern and take decisions accordingly.

There are various machine learning algorithms which strengthen the power of machines to enhance it’s accuracy and prediction power. These algorithms are created by humans with the help of applied mathematics and the power of statistics.

Is it a threat to humanity?


Artificial Intelligence will open door to new job opportunities in challenging environments which will help technicians to enhance their current skills. Traditional jobs will get affected but it will give a fair chance to people to reskill themselves in order to come at par with new emerging technologies. So there is no need to worry about these machines snatching our jobs. On the contrary to this belief, it will actually pave a path for humans to excel their intelligence and magnify one’s knowledge.

AI does the analysis, it solves problems and it performs autonomous automation based on its experience, knowledge, and data. Since the inception of mankind, man has always invented and created things to ease his lifestyle and Artificial Intelligence is also a result of man’s creative and innovative brain. Hence don’t be negative and consider AI as a helping hand that is going to ease our lives.

The term “Artificial Intelligence” is indeed apt, because the Real intelligence behind it, is actually “Human Intelligence”.
A legacy created by humans for humans.

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