How feminism helped women? Is it now really helping and empowering women in creating a better world?

Feminism stands for advocacy of equality of women’s political, economical, social rights. In true sense, feminism should stand for equal rights for women and men in the corporate world, either it is racism, wages payment, sexual harassment or other thing.


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I have written many articles on health, mind, and soul but why need to write on women’s powers? My goal is to give a contribution to making a healthy world. And I believe that woman plays a very important role. I wrote my book to empower all women! It doesn’t mean, I am ignoring other genders, but being a woman I can connect with them and help them to embrace their powers to make a difference in the world.

First, take a look at feminism and its impact on women's empowerment. If you take a look at the history of the world, in earlier times, to run family, males and females both contributed to making a healthy family. Due to their strength capabilities, men have to go outside to earn food and money and provide protection to the family, on the other hand, women stayed home cooked food, and took care of the kids, at home. This is how a family runs. 

Over time it became the culture that the man who goes outside for work and earns the money is more powerful and can dominate the whole family. Nature made humans in such a way that men are physically strong as compared to women.  Women were abused many times because they were not physically strong, not financially independent, and had no right to educate and own property. Women were not physically strong but they have the capacity and inner strength to do anything in this world. To support their family they also started to contribute to the family and step out from the family to support their families. 

The next obstacle was that they were not treated equally and are not provided equal education. There are so many women who are suffering because of the evil intentions of some people. We need that awareness in society and should bring a change in culture. We need feminism there to educate men and women to have equal rights in society and family and work together to make this world better.

What is Feminism?

Feminism stands for the advocacy of equality of women's political, economical, and social rights. In a true sense, feminism should stand for equal rights for women and men in the corporate world, whether it is racism, wage payment, sexual harassment or other things. It doesn’t relate to any particular gender. Due to inequality for women in many areas, it is attached to women's rights, but it should protect every gender's rights!Due to feminism, a woman got many rights that help them to educate themself and protect themself and help them to become self-dependent. Then feminism came to fight for equality in the corporate sector and in paying well and giving them respect equally In the late 14th and early 15th century, The first feminist philosopher Christine de Pizon initiated women’s education! Later it was forwarded by Laura Cereta, a 15th- Century Venetian woman who published tons of letters of complaints of women for denial of education and Marital oppression.

Feminism came in different waves, the first wave came in the concept of politicians’ interest, and women in the west and European countries had no right to vote. Feminists helped women to give equal rights in the 1920s. 

The second wave started in 1960 and continue till the 1980s. The second wave was on equal pay, birth control, domestic violence, and other things.

The third wave started in the ’90s and ended in 2012, it was focused on ecofeminism, transfeminism, and sex positivity. It emphasized the diversification of feminismThe fourth wave came from 2012 till now, it emphasized on wage gap, sexual harassment, abuse in the workplace, and many others issues.

Feminism helped all women to give their rights, and protect them from injustice. Now things have changed, and women are taking it in a different way. It is sad now in the name of feminism, women have limited their powers. If you are saying this is my choice, whatever I do nobody should have the right to interfere with it. This is limiting your powers. It’s not about you and your's right, it’s what role you are performing, and how can it impact society. For rights and equality, do not forget our social responsibility.Women have more powers than they think. We are lacking the essence of women’s-powers now. We should use our powers wisely.

Women’s Powers 

We, women, have more powers than we think. Nature has created us with many gifts as women's powers.  We have to become a mother and nourish our kids and family Now women are getting an education and growing in every field. She has to take care of herself, and her family with fulfilling her career or dreams. . There are many powers in us some of them are-

  1. Power of motherhood
  2. Power of Love 
  3. Power of Spirituality
  4. Power of giving
  5. Power of understanding
  6. Power of self-improvement
  7. Power of healthcare
  8. Power of Leadership
  9. Power of Vision
  10. Power of Courage

These are the powers women should dig deep in to create a better family, society, and world. I wrote and publish my book, ‘How to use the women’s powers- to make a healthy world’.  In my book, I explained all the above powers that will help them to create a healthy world.

My goal is to write this book to empower all women and aware them that they have the power to make a difference. I want to ignite the fire in the women that we all have the capabilities to impact the world.By shifting their thought process, and stretching their brain muscles, they can not only take care of themself but the people around them and create a difference to make a better society. 

Women Play a major role

In Hinduism, Goddess is worshipped as deities as they are symbols of prosperity, love, compassion, and motherhood. Goddess Kali is worshipped for the destruction of demons.Women have all those potential and inner strengths and are hard-wired with love, empathy, and compassion. And if the need arises she has the power and courage to fight against injustice.

Women have those powers we just need to flourish those powers and that will help create a healthy family, society, the world, and the next generations.I saw women, nowadays are just looking at little things and fighting for equality and their rights. But we have the potential to look at the big picture, instead of fighting for little things we can support each other with the power of understanding and love, and we can give a contribution in family and communities and to our future generations. Women play a big role and make an impact in our society economically and also for a sustainable environment.

As per the survey and the polls, I recently took, it was stated that most of the decisions at home regarding buying household items as groceries, toiletries, cosmetics, clothes, and furniture are taken by women. They have a major role to impact the market.In most of the family, women contribute more to household chores, cleaning, cooking, and laundry. When women are aware of what to buy, whether it is good for their family and communities can give contribution for a sustainable environment.

As a mother, we woman has the power to change the lives of the next generations. Since ancient times, a mother is the one who is taking care of the kids, how to give them value, As per the survey, even now women have a powerful role in developing the characters of kids. They help to shape the character that can impact future generations and make them better persons through the power of motherhood.

As per spirituality, we all are here souls either man or woman in different bodies, but as per our hormonal body structure, we have to perform different tasks. Even though we are going to an era of equality still women have more power to create a better world.Now we are not recognizing our powers, full potential, that we are born with. We are stuck in the trap of Social Media, and distractions.

In the name of feminism, we are depriving our powers, affecting our family, kids, and society. I have seen many cases of child abuse here because they are not taken care of. Divorces are increasing as we are fighting for little things and decreasing our acceptance level. That impacts kids and society. We all have the capacity to impact our families, communities, and the next generations.Do not fall into the game of short term, think big. You don’t need to cry and play pity games, take action and step in and have courage whenever you need it and step back when it is required to maintain peace and love. 

"Be the angel that can share love and peace in the life of others, Be the leader to pull others who are stuck on their way, and empower themBe courageous to have the courage to stand against injustice.Be visionary to have a goal and think big and long term"Final Thoughts

Listen to your heart, you don’t know what amazing work you can do. Be conscious and mindful, and do your best shot while fulfilling your duties and responsibilities. Believe in you, we are not here to waste our life in gossiping, browsing social media, and shopping for unnecessary things. We can make difference with little changes. 

There are so many women who have done amazing work in their lifetime. They are not different from us, they just listened to their heart and use their life for a purpose. For example- Mother Teresa, Maya Angelo, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Malala, B.K.Shivani and many others. The bottom line is that Feminism played a very important role to provide rights and helping women to fight against injustice. But we should not neglect the point that we men, women, and other genders, are living in the same society, and work together to make this world a better place. As a woman, we have the power to make a difference to make a better family, society, and the world. 

Stay Healthy and Safe!!

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