Few things to fix UX (good practices)

Here are small tips on how to improve some things on our webs and improve user experience on them.


Antonela Bilos

a year ago | 1 min read

Today’s web applications are full of terrible ads that users don’t like at all.
In addition, a million notifications, strange error messages, and pop-ups.
So, here are small tips on how to improve some things on our webs.

Good practices:

* Smart error messages
Please don’t use “Form is incomplete” better way is to use for example: “Phone number is mandatory”.

* Easy way to cancel a subscription
How many times has it happened to you that you want to unsubscribe from an email, but it’s simply impossible?

* Easy-to-find contact forms/emails/numbers
I recently wanted to contact an airline company. Finding their contact was a pain in the ass.

* Minimize clicks number for finishing action
Whatever you need to do on the web, it’s best to do it with a minimum number of steps.

* Smart autocomplete
Whenever possible, autocomplete is a great solution for speeding up the completion of actions. Especially when auto-filling personal data or payment data forms.

* On refresh — keep data/forms fulfilled
It is very irritating when we refresh the page and lose all the data we have entered

* Easy and fast navigation
Please don’t activate it on hover.

* Easy and understandable payment-flow

Of all the above, I think the most important is to reduce the number of clicks and simplify the payment option where possible.
First of all, we should measure how many clicks a person needs to complete an action and then try to minimize it as much as possible.
Users today want to complete things quickly and easily with all necessary data.
When it comes to payment flow on marketplaces or online shops or wherever no one likes unclear webs where they buy products with strange taxes and unclear data entry forms or where you have many pages to finish the buying process.

What you would like to add to the list?
What annoyed you on web pages/apps?

Please share your thoughts!


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