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Rajib Baroi

5 months ago | 3 min read

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The g50 there is no variable refresh rate performance is pretty smooth thanks to the snapdragon 730g chipset with qualcomm's capable adreno 618 gpu and moto's gaming tools making for very satisfying gaming experience it's once again a 5000 milliamp battery which again can keep you going all day long even with plenty of screen on time thanks to that efficient 700 series snapdragon chipset and like the other world blogs the g30 and the g50 once again getting a headphone jack you've got your nfc support and yeah that tasty bit of microsd action too this package is rounded off by a perfectly respectable 64 megapixel primary camera backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle effort just like the g30 plus you've got some macro and depth sensor shenanigans all perfectly fine for everyday shooting even in fairly testing conditions and if that did not sufficiently butter your muffin while motorola has a shag load of other budget Cell phone parts that will cost you under 200 pounds as we hit 2022 including the just as mighty moto g9 power it's another hand filling 6.8 inch plastic blower that lacks thrills and excitement but more than makes up for it with respectable specs performance is reasonably dependable thanks to the snapdragon 662 platform backed by four gigs of ram you can even get stuck into some like gaming.

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If you want to blow off some steam by blowing off someone else's face where the moto g9 power really shines is the excellent battery life the other model the Mobile parts are very very good with their 5000 milliamp cells the power ups that to 6 000 milliamps if you go away for an entire weekend you don't want to bother packing your charger no worries and this model is fine for media streaming too although the ips screen drops from full hd to 720p resolution while the stereo speaker setup has also been cold but thankfully not the headphone jack meanwhile that triple n's rear camera spearheaded by a 64 megapixel sensor is unsurprisingly limited and you lose the plus model's 8 megapixel ultrawide angle effort although the moto g9 power can still take good looking picks in respectable lighting helped along by the ai smarts now another brand that offers straight laced stock android smartphones is nokia this time with the added benefit of regular dependable os and security updates and the nokia 5.4 is definitely one you'll want to check out at this sort a price point at a rounds of 150ish quid this 6.4 inch smartphone suffers from standard nokia tropes like the fat lip harbor and some needless brandon plus that always pointless assistant button but this dusk model is rather fetching in a moody emo kind of way thankfully the nokia 5.4 has now been updated to android 11.

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And you've got a good bit of android 12 action to look forward to later plus you've got three years of security updates look forward to as well which is rather reassuring you've got nfc support here in the uk and dual sim support plus a separate sd slot to expand the storage meanwhile that ips screen is a mere 720p panel but it's fine for streaming youtube or browsing the old internet power and precedence is the snapdragon 662 chipset again and once again this is fine for gaming on the go while the 4 000 milliamp battery is near impossible to drain in a single day unless you really punish this thing the slap there on the back end of the nokia 5.4 you've got a 48 megapixel primary camera sensor this proves absolutely fine for shoes and every day photos although the video quality was a bit of a mess lots of focal pop and other issues so if you want a smartphone to shoot lots of horror movies of the kiddie winks or whatever i would definitely say look elsewhere for a bit more cash you can grab the nokia g50 which upgrades that connectivity to a tasty bit of 5g for some proper future proofing.

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