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Samsung can make it invisible. But when I'm actually watching content I'm very rarely focusing on that area of the display, so it's not really extremely disruptive to me. The rear-facing camera module consists of three 12 megapixel cameras. The first is a wide-angle F1.8 with dual-pixel autofocus and optical image stabilization for sharp images and steady video. The next is an ultra-wide F2.2 then finally, we have a telephoto F2.4, again, with dual-pixel autofocus and OIS. You're getting two-times optical zoom which means you're not losing quality, and then 10 times digital zoom which does come with a progressive loss of quality as you zoom in. You can record video at 4k-60, slow motion at 1080P with up to 240 frames per second, and then even slow motion at 720P at 960 frames per second. Moving on to the speakers, they're very loud for a mobile phone and they sound much fuller than the other Cell phone parts that I have. We're getting stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos which is great and while they don't sound like what you get out of the Tab S7 plus they more than serve their purpose on this device. Looking at performance, we're getting the Snapdragon 888 chip and both the 256 gig and the 512 gig models come with 12 gigabytes of RAM. When you're interacting with the device,

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opening and closing apps, playing games, or watching content, the Fold3 is very responsive. And there hasn't been any time so far where I felt like it was underpowered. I say this in almost every video review but I'm not overly interested in benchmarks scores. But in case you're curious about geek bench, it's scored 1132 for single-core performance and 3360 for multi-core performance. This is plenty of processing power for anything that I would ever throw at this device. And I like the fact that it comes and 256 and 512 gigs of internal storage options, unlike the Flip, which caps out at 256. However, again we're seeing that there are no micro Mobile parts slots so there is no way to expand the internal storage so, make sure that you get enough storage for what you need. And let me know in the comment section if you think Samsung should have offered a one terabyte option. The Fold3 comes with Android 11 and one UI 3.1. And I really liked the column functionality that we're getting in the setting and various apps. Looking at multitasking, we're getting split views so you can have two apps either stacked or side-by-side depending on which one you like better. And you can also choose how much of the display you wanna allocate to each app. You can also have an app open in a floating window, and there are lots of ways to take advantage of this larger display.

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You can also connect a wireless mouse and keyboard if you wanna use the Fold3 as a display, but most importantly you can attach an external display and then use DeX. If you're not familiar with it, DeX lets you use your phone to drive a desktop-like interface. You have a desktop with icons, a taskbar where you can minimize and access apps, you can snap windows to the side, you can use floating windows and it very much feels like you're using a desktop OS. And it's a really versatile way to get more productivity out of your phone. Moving on to biometric authentication, we're getting face recognition with both the front and rear-facing cameras, depending on whether the phone is open or close. We also have a fingerprint sensor that's incorporated into the power button and I always like having both options because then I'm covered in every situation, and it's extremely rare that I actually have to type my password. Another area of concern for me was battery life.

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