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Daksh Indian Restaurant offers the best of both worlds: friendly pub atmosphere and restaurant cuisine. Modern and elegant but also warm and inviting; we welcome locals, families and visitors looking for great places to eat in Dumfries.


Daksh Indian Restaurant

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When you are visiting at Dumfries in the southwest of Scotland means visiting some of the coolest restaurants and cafes, whether you’re looking for a twist on traditional or quirky Indian restaurants to diner in Dumfries, here are the county's best places to eat. Spend some time dining and relaxing at Lockards Farm in Dumfries. Daksh Indian Restaurant offers the best of both worlds: friendly pub atmosphere and restaurant cuisine. Modern and elegant but also warm and inviting; we welcome locals, families and visitors looking for great places to eat in Dumfries. 

When it's cool, step in and dine in an elegant space with warm, welcoming touches. We have an extensive menu of mouth-watering dishes to suit every palate, and a wide range of real beers, guest beers, ciders, wines and spirits to accompany your meal. Book a table online or by phone. You are also welcome to just walk in when it suits you. Explore our Indian restaurant for Dinner in Dumfries below via an interactive restaurant map or view the full list of the top 8. Click on any restaurant to access full restaurant details. We have the best Indian food for your dinner in Dumfries.

Why choose our restaurant for dinner? 

First on your taste tour is this best Indian restaurant for dinner in Dumfries, a thriving town nestled within Dumfries. The restaurant borders the best in the Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty and serves delicious food and a great selection of craft beers from across the UK. Our chefs use only local and seasonal produce in their dishes, many of which are traditional Scottish dishes - the haggis scotch with onions marinated in beer is especially delicious, the best is when followed by drinking water to see our cooked dishes. 

Daksh Indian Restaurant welcomes you to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine with your family and friends. We invite you and your family and friends to enjoy authentic Indian food prepared by the best Indian chefs in Scotland. Daksh Indian Restaurant is a happy home for famous chefs who love Indian food and make it with a lot of love and care. So if you are looking for the best restaurant for dinner in Dumfries, visit our website and contact us.

You can browse us like Indian Food near Me

Indian cuisine is currently one of the most popular in the UK. You will find that there are more Indian restaurants in Scotland than there are fast food outlets. In fact, chicken tikka masala, a popular British Indian curry, has been added as the UK's national dish. Daksh Indain is one of the best Indian restaurants in Scotland. Great attention is paid to small details. Service is friendly yet professional; dishes are prepared and served with care and attention. So if you want to have the best Indian cuisine near me our menu is rich and varied Indian cuisine requires a perfect understanding of spices and their blends for every delicacy. 

Rare and authentic, our culinary selection is reminiscent of the cuisine of the northern regions and a royal twist. Mughal delicacies with intricate masalas and elaborate preparation are a gourmet delight. Daksh Indian serves authentic, beautifully presented Indian cuisine. Our facility is kept clean and welcoming. Our philosophy has always been to provide our customers with a complete package of great food, great service, and value for money and a delightful dining experience. Visit our restaurant today and sample Indian cuisine in Dumfries.

What is the specialty of Indian cuisine?

While most people in the UK think that Indian food is only curry. Many varieties of Indian cuisine are prepared with fish, meat, lentils or vegetables. A special feature of Indian cuisine is the variety in spices that make each dish strange, delicious and outstanding compared to the rest of the world's cuisines. If you have never tried it, then this time looking for Indian cuisine near me, you must be wondering what Indian food is like? Well, our Indian cuisine has an intoxicating aroma, a fresh blend of spices and rich ingredients that make it unique and special. This means Indian food is healthy, besides being very tasty. A typical Indian dish consists of about seven ingredients, along with fresh spices that have a unique flavor. The best part is that no flavor is overwhelmed by other spices and you get to enjoy a little bit of individual ingredients in each dish from Daksh Indian.


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