Is finding a passion or purpose good enough?

what next after you figure out your passion or purpose in life.


vedashree n

10 months ago | 2 min read

Many times we have been told, “Find your purpose or passion?”

It's as though finding a purpose or passion will miraculously solve all the frustrations, irritations, and disappointments that we hold in our hearts.

In my journey as an IT professional, I always believed I am not meant for software/coding/technology, I stuck to it because everyone else was doing it. Also, for the money and for the experience it was giving me - traveling, and meeting different kinds of people. Since I wanted those experiences to continue, I put in enough effort to excel at what I do.

When I look back, while I was looking for my passion and purpose, I honed my IT skills and it has become a part of me. Since a part of me always believed that I was born for some other purpose, I went in search of it. To be a yoga teacher, to be a healer, to be an aroma therapist, etc. I was good at each of them and equally passionate but did not pursue it beyond a point.

Because I realized that just passion or a purpose is not enough to pursue anything in one direction. It takes more than passion and purpose to consistently put focused efforts toward what we truly want to achieve. feel taking small steps, overcoming obstacles, discipline, commitment, and a determined approach are what convert any passion into a true purpose.

Unknowingly, I had that commitment toward my work. I took courses that helped me progress in my career; I approached people to learn from them. I observed people absorb their leadership skills. I invested in myself and my growth. Most importantly I got up and showed up no matter what was happening. When I look back, I realize it has been an incredible journey!

As we move into the New Year, let's ask ourselves:

1. What is one skill that you are proud of, but haven't been able to give the due time and attention?

2. What steps will you take this year to enhance this skill and take it to the next level?

On that note, I wish you all a happy new year 2023. Let's all rise and shine!

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